Life Science Research

Application Support to Move Your Research Forward

The Sartorius Life Science Research portfolio delivers products and services to support researchers in academia, biotechnology and the pharmaceutical industry.

Our focus on drug discovery and cell biology is supported by innovative solutions for cell analysis, liquid handling, weighing applications, sample preparation, laboratory water, and related services.

Our portfolio helps researchers meet their goals for reliability, reproducibility, and speed-to-result.

Sartorius Life Science Research Areas

Basic Research

Application support for your research needs.

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Drug Discovery

Find, characterize, and scale up your lead drug candidate.

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sample preparation

Sample Preparation

Optimize your sample preparation for reliable and repeatable results.

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Cell Analysis

Fast-track your scientific discovery with powerful, information-rich analysis.

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Cell Biology

Innovative solutions for cell culture and analysis.

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Label-Free Detection

Label-free assays convert biological binding responses into signals without the use of a fluorescent label.

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Innovating Life Science Research

Top Life Science Research Publications

Poster: The Periodic Table of Antibodies

In commemoration of the 150th anniversary of Mendeleev’s Periodic Table of Elements, one of the most significant scientific tools ever published,...

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Application Note

Collecting Airborne Viruses and Phages

Following the successful use of gelatin filters for the collection of airborne bacteria, their suitability has now also been proven for sampling...

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Application Note

Detecting Airborne Influenza Virus A

Detecting Airborne Influenza Virus A (H3N2) in a Children’s Polyclinic in Greifswald, Germany, by collecting Virus Using the Water-soluble 12602...

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Poster: Minisart® Selection Guide

Innovative design features, coupled with the largest surface areas and fastest flow rates make Minisart® syringe filters the ideal choice for all...

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Applied Industries

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Quality Control & Testing

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Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

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