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Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis Applications

Push the Boundaries of Science

Accelerate your next discovery with Incucyte’s® suite of live-cell applications. Gain real-time morphological and phenotypic insight for pathway and mechanistic studies by capturing time-dependent and cell-dependent treatment effects. 

From the moment cells are placed in culture the learning opportunity begins. Whether you’re working with rare or expensive cell types (e.g. primary cells, stem-cell derived cultures, patient derived cells) or recombinant cell lines, Incucyte® Live-Cell Applications enable you to quantitate and validate cell morphology and phenotype during all stages of cell maintenance, modification as well as perform analysis on a wide range of phenotypic cell-based assays.

Make informed decisions about your cultures, rapidly optimize and improve your workflows, plus study complex live-cell assays to fast track your next discovery! 

  • Get the answers you need - Derive meaningful data with sensitive, real-time live cell measurements made inside the stable condition of the incubator.
  • Unlock your productivity - Spend more time investigating and less time troubleshooting with lab-tested protocols and purpose-built, intuitive software.
  • Enjoy research flexibility - Generate data rich information from every sample with fluorescent reagent combinations – compatible with a variety of cell culture models and applications.
  • Protect your cells - Maintain your cell health with non-perturbing image-based analysis and proprietary reagent formulations.

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