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Single Cell Isolation: Fast, Accurate and Versatile

Cell Line Development for Bioprocessing Applications

Bioprocessing uses living cells to generate a bioproduct of interest such as a therapeutic monoclonal antibody or engineered T cells. Workflows involve selection and propagation of productive bacterial or mammalian cell clones that fulfill a set of desirable characteristics.

Single Cell Cloning for CLD

  • Go from a pool of single cells to plates of monoclonal, viable and productive clones. 

Hybridoma and CHO Clone Picking

  • Select and isolate single-cell clones that produce high, consistent levels of your target protein.  

Bacterial Colonies

  • Automatically select and isolate positive bacterial colonies for evaluation and further downstream processing. 

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Applications for Cell Line Development for Bioprocessing

Single Cell Cloning for CLD

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Single Plasma B-Cell Secretion Screening and Recovery

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Hybridoma & CHO Clone Picking

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Bacteria Colonies

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