Sample Preparation

Optimize Your Sample Preparation for Accurate and Reliable Results

Samples must be optimally prepared in order to obtain reliable measurement results. Sartorius lab products for sample preparation are scalable and enable reproducible procedures. Our products cover a spectrum from weighing to sedimentation solutions to ultrafiltration units.

HPLC Sample Preparation

Our HPLC solutions provide optimal sample preparation and time-saving workflows for clean, reproducible, and interference-free results.

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Lab Weighing

Ultramicro, micro, analytical, and precision balances ensure accurate, reliable results in weighing applications involving sample preparation. Customize yours to meet application needs.

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Ultrafiltration devices for concentration and buffer exchange, desalting of proteins, DNA, viruses and other biological samples in laboratory scale from 0.1 mL to 5 L sample volumes.

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Our tailored chromatography spin columns and multiwell plates make your sample purification quick and efficient. Equipped with Sartobind membrane adsorbers and ion exchange ligands, our chromatography spin columns enable fast and efficient protein capture and purification.

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Filtration devices for clarification, pre-filtration and sterile filtration. Prepare your sample in a first clarification step with our syringe filters for the general removal of particles and large microorganisms, such as yeasts and molds.

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High-Quality Water

Sartorius water purification systems are suited for critical applications that require ultrapure water.

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Microcentrifuges, universal centrifuges, large volume centrifuges or clinical centrifuges for reliable sedimentation in various volumes.

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Electronic Pipette Picus®️ 2 Bluetooth Connected to Mobile Phone

Picus® 2 Electronic Pipette

Picus® 2 electronic pipettes are equipped with Bluetooth connectivity to take your productivity to next level.

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Tacta Mechanical Pipette

Our ergonomic, comfortable to use, and reliable Tacta Pipette is fully autoclavable and easy to clean.

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