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Vaccines and infection surveillance programs have been the cornerstone of the fight against infectious diseases for centuries and are still our weapon to combat the spread of new emerging infectious diseases (EIDs) like Ebola, Zika, H1N1, SARS, dengue, etc. and most recently Monkeypox.

As proven by historical records, vaccinations led to eradication of devastating diseases like smallpox. 

The recent global outbreak of the 2019 coronavirus disease, COVID-19 caused by the novel severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, and its rapid spread across the globe has spurred an increased focus on deeper understanding of virus biology and effective development of new vaccines. Surveillance of pathogens and reliable testing methods are additional main pillars (strategies) of stopping the spread of pandemics to vulnerable populations.

In line with the One Health Strategic Action Plans we need even more transdisciplinary research to better understand the drivers of emerging infectious diseases in the interest to develop effective preventive measures. 

We, at Sartorius continue to support and simplify the virology and vaccine research and development as well as environmental monitoring efforts with advanced cell and protein analysis platforms and downstream research tools enabling vaccine developers to gain critical new information, with confidence, as quickly as possible. 

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Sartorius Solutions for Infectious Disease Research

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Virology & Vaccine Research

For tracking complex host - pathogen biological processes and immune reactions you need high-capacity cell and protein analysis solutions to generate...

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Detection and Surveillance of Pathogens in the Environment

Detection of Airborne Viruses and understanding their transmission. Efficient preparation of wastewater samples prior to SARS-CoV-2 detection.

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Lab Supplies for Infection Testing

Tools to support Infectious Disease and COVID-19 diagnostic testing protocols.

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iQue® Advanced Flow Cytometry Platform

Get from samples to actionable results in record time. The iQue® Advanced Flow Cytometry Platform can be used for viral research activities such as monitoring host-pathogen interactions, antibody library screening, immune response assessment, epitope mapping, and antibody neutralization studies.

  • Speed — Fastest plate sampling, integrated analysis, multiplexed no-wash assays, and novel data reduction tools​
  • Miniaturization — Lowest assay volumes and sample volumes as little as a single microliter saves reagents and conserves precious cells​
  • Content — High content, multiplexed analysis of cells, beads and secreted proteins​
  • Usability — Simple, scalable, multi-user environment with walkaway automation, comprehensive analysis and visualization tools

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Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis System

Incucyte® Live Cell Analysis uses whole-well, label-free imaging to scan clones and verify monoclonality.

Gain more biologically relevant insight Incucyte®. Live-Cell Analysis System improves productivity with powerful, automated image acquisition. It enables acquisition and analysis of data throughout the course of an experiment to capture time dependent effects compared endpoint analysis by traditional cell culture analysis techniques. ​

With automated analysis and a portfolio of reagents, consumables and software specifically designed to detect dynamic immune response, solving biologically relevant questions has never been easier! ​

  • Do more, specifically design for live-cell analysis​
  • More applications. Enable multiplexed, kinetic analysis in living cells​
  • Reduce artifacts with a consistent, physiologically-relevant environment during the entire experiment

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Octet® Label-Free Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI) and Octet® SPR Detection Systems​

The Octet® Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI) and Octet® SPR Detection systems offer unprecedented time and cost savings during biomolecular interactions analysis. Both instruments can be used to accelerate  infectious diseases research  enabling a rapid understanding of the mechanisms of action of viruses such as Dengue, Influenza, HPV, Ebola and COVID-19  among others. 

  • Rapidly  determine affinity of the virus and its host cell receptor using Octet® SPR or BLI
  • Screen and categorize panels of antibodies into epitope bins based on their blocking and neutralizing effects using the high through-put Octet RH96 instrument
  • Leverage the Octet® SPR instrument's propriety OneStep gradient technique to  evaluate small molecules, peptides and proteins as inhibitors with potentials to block virus entry into cells​
  • Facilitate titer, potency and stability measurements in upstream and downstream vaccine and biotherapeutics development and manufacturing

Octet® BLI Detection​

Octet® SPR Detection

Solutions for Your Testing & Research​

Sartorius Instrument Services

Lab Instrument Service

Our certified and accredited services ensure the compliance and reliability of your laboratory data. We help you to obtain faster and constantly repro...

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Environmental and Energy

Sartorius offers a broad range of filtration and microbiological testing products as well as analytical equipment for your environmental testing needs...

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Umetrics® Suite for Advanced Data Analytics

Create more robust vaccines and optimize development and manufacturing processes using Multivariate Data Analysis (MVDA) with SIMCA®.

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Vaccine Process Development and Manufacturing

Single-Use Technologies and Associated Services Addressing Process Development and Productions Needs of Vaccine Manufacturers.

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Partner Program

Sartorius is partnering with infectious disease research groups to accelerate disease understanding and therapeutic development using Sartorius solution. 

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Learn how customers are using the iQue® Advanced Flow cytometry, the Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis system or the Octet® platform or other lab products for their Infectious Disease research.

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Global warming is more than just a hot topic—it's a crisis that's affecting our planet in countless ways. We see the evidence of this everywhere, from...

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Brochure Solutions for Viral Vaccine Research

Overview of viral vaccine research instruments and solutions to streamline workflows and accelerate research.

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SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus in environmental, air and water samples

Solutions for the Detection of SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus in Environmental...

If you would like to collect viruses from air samples, seek methods to concentrate viruses from water samples or optimize the way you handle your samp...

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COVID-19 Patient Testing Support Tools

Special Report by BioProcess International.

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Frequently Asked Questions

iQue Qbeads and® iQue® Qpanels Kits allow you to capture and analyze specific proteins on distinct bead types for multiplexed quantitation of secreted cytokines, adhesion molecules, enzymes, growth factor receptors, and more. iQue® Reagent Kits enable the measurement of multiple functional readouts, including cell cycle, apoptosis, membrane integrity, proliferation, and antibody characterization, as well as a variety of immune cell functions on beads, cells, or both, allowing you to simultaneously assess both phenotype and function.

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Several iQue, Octet® BLI and Incucyte data has been featured in numerous breakthrough publications related not only to coronavirus but also to other pathogen/disease research like influenza, HIV,  Zika, Chikungunya virus (CHIKV), Ebolavirus (EBOV-GP) etc. 

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Traditional methods for analyzing biomolecular interactions including ELISA provide only end-point data. Such assays however provide limited data on biomolecular binding characteristics and often miss very weak or transient interactions due to the required washing steps.  Furthermore, the wahing steps in ELISA make it difficult to distinguish the poor-expressing, strong binders, from the high-expressing, weak binders. In contrast to real-time label-free analysis, these assays are often cumbersome and may require rigorous sample preparation.

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In a recent survey*, scientists were asked about the challenges they face during vaccine research and development. For those that used cell analysis technologies (n=100), the applications which provided the largest obstacles and pain points included: Graphic from the infographic and link to the whole infographic COVID-19 Vaccine Research Challenges and Solutions.

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You can miss important data points. Real-time continuous kinetic measurements with Incucyte monitor viral infection, cell health, movement, morphology and functional responses. With Incucyte® Real-Time Live-Cell Analysis you can virus infection kinetics and efficiencies real-time.

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Octet® BLI is a high-throughput technology which enables kinetic interaction analysis in real-time.

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