Cell Culture Techniques and Best Practices

Whether you are a scientist in a university or the biopharma/pharma industry, confidence in your results starts with confidence in your cell culture.

For all researchers, true discoveries require confidence that the observed results are due to biology, not experimental artifacts. For biopharma scientists, choosing the right tools early on can make the difference between a drug that fails and one that goes forward and helps thousands of people. To achieve success in either academia or biopharma, you need to be able to trust your technologies.

We offer solutions that span your cell culture experiments from core laboratory needs, such as pipettes, ultrapure water systems, filtration tools, and contamination testing, through advanced technologies, such as real-time, live-cell analysis. So, you can have confidence in every aspect of your cell assays, from culture to data analysis.  


  • Preparing media
  • Passaging cells
  • Avoiding contamination

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  • Protein purification 
  • Secreted proteins
  • Cell health and viability
  • Time-course experiments

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  • Removing artifacts
  • Identifying relevant biology
  • Analyzing large data sets

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