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Since the global outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, remarkable progress has been made in vaccine R&D, accelerated by unprecedented collaboration in the scientific world. Emergence of virus variants, however, reminds us we need a deeper understanding of the cellular and molecular mechanisms of virus-host interactions that drive immune responses against the virus and its variants. To enable these critical investigations, Sartorius offers live-cell analysis, advanced flow cytometry and label-free binding analysis platforms.

  • Cell and Protein Analysis Platforms - For tracking complex host-pathogen biology, you need high-capacity cell and protein analysis solutions to generate deeper, more relevant data on phenotype, activation and function.
  • Cell Culture - For progressing your leads rapidly through the pipeline, you need high-throughput, multi-parallel cell culture systems.
  • Downstream Applications – Overcome bottlenecks in lab scale downstream process, like clarification, concentration and purification of proteins and viruses.

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Lab Solutions for Virology & Vaccine Research

Virology Assays

In-vitro virology studies can now yield more information in less time. With Incucyte® live-cell analysis, Octet® label-free interaction analysis and i...

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Antigen Expression and Selection

Vaccine research and development is a multi-step process in which virology and virus biology assays are often followed by host response studies, antig...

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Immune Response Profiling

Measure antibody affinity to monitor viral neutralization while concurrently evaluating host cell proliferation. Study T-cell activation, memory and e...

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A scientist uses a Sartorius Vivaflow® Crossflow Cassette device at a lab bench

Downstream Research Tools

Overcome various challenges in downstream processes with rapid, user-friendly cell harvesting and virus and protein filtration solutions that simplify...

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Sartorius Virology and Vaccine Research Solution Offer:

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Time to Results

Perform rapid, multiplexed, evaluation of immune-cell function through simultaneous analysis of cell-mediated cytotoxicity, cell health, function, activation, phenotyping and cytokine profiling. 

Rapidly categorize and bin antibodies that bind to similar epitope regions using Octet® cross-competition assays.

Biological Insight

Acquire and analyze data throughout the course of an experiment to capture time-dependent effects.

Streamline Downstream Workflow

Collapse vaccine harvesting workflows to a single-step clarification and sterile filtration. Streamline your virus and protein purification and concentration workflows with ultrafiltration devices offering a broad range of membrane types and molecular weight cut-offs (MWCO). 

Product Highlights for Lab Solutions for Virology & Vaccine Research

Octet® Bio-Layer Interferometry

Octet® BLI label-free binding and concentration measurement assays are widely used in vaccine and therapeutics development programs because they quickly provide binding information critical to the lead selection process. Traditional methods for analyzing biomolecular interactions such as ELISA provide only end-point data not taking into consideration association and dissociation kinetics. Furthermore, they are often cumbersome and may require rigorous sample preparation.

  • Real-time binding kinetic and affinity measurements
  • Measure interactions from purified and crude samples
  • Fast data acquisition — simultaneously data from up to 96 biosensors

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iQue® Advanced Flow Cytometry

The advanced iQue® flow cytometry platform enables high-throughput immune-cell profiling and functional assessment, immune cell activation and antibody screening with minimal sample volume and rapid results, in real time and without compromising your cell cultures.

  • High-throughput multiplexed cytometry screening and real-time data analysis
  • Sample as little as 1 ul from miniaturized assay volumes
  • Multiplex cell phenotypes and cytokines in the same well

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Incucyte® Live Cell Analysis uses whole-well, label-free imaging to scan clones and verify monoclonality.

Incucyte® Real-Time Live-Cell Analysis

The Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis Systems can automatically capture and analyze images from multiple microwell plates in parallel, thereby significantly increasing throughput. The systems enable acquisition and analysis of data throughout the course of an experiment to capture time-dependent effects, which is in contrast to endpoint analysis by traditional cell culture techniques.

  • Real-time continuous kinetic measurements
  • Never miss a data point
  • Networked remote access reduces risk of contamination
  • Monitor viral infection, cell health, movement, morphology, and function

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Lab Solutions for Virology & Vaccine Research FAQs

The Incucyte Live-Cell Analysis System offers an automated option for working with pathogenic microorganisms while they remain in the incubator undisturbed for greater biological relevance. Using simple and reliable quantification and non-perturbing reagents, Incucyte® enables real-time analysis of viral infection and replication, host interactions, cell viability and antiviral screening, providing a platform to enable antiviral discovery for new treatments and vaccine development.

The Qbead® family of iQue® reagents enables capture of specific proteins on distinct beads to facilitate multiplexed quantitation of a range of proteins, cytokines, enzymes, growth factors, etc. in a single well at microliter assay volumes.

Learn More on Ready-to-Run iQue Qbeads® Kits and Reagents

Target binding characterization is an essential analytical step for the selection of high-affinity and highly specific therapeutics, regardless of molecule type. Confirming the binding results, kinetic analysis with Octet® BLI instrument further describes the components of association and dissociation that comprise the overall affinity interaction. 

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Yes, the Octet® systems with a range of different biosensor chemistries offer robust assays for antibody and virus titer (ex. Influenza), potency and stability determination.

Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab kits are designed for rapid harvesting 15 mL to 1,000 mL volumes of cell cultures in the lab, enabling clarification and sterile filtration to be performed in one step. Sartolab® Multistation enables the hands-free and simultaneous filtration of up to 6 samples of small volumes.

While Affinity measurements are typically a result of a 1:1 interaction between an antibody and it’s respective binding partner (antigen), avidity typically results from multiple affinities originating from two or more binding sites. Avidity is often symbolized by an artificially slower dissociate step that emanates from secondary binding that could occur due to nonoptimal assay design. To avoid avidity effects, an optimal assay design where ligand loading is well optimized is necessary. The most optimal assay design is to use the antibody as the ligand while the antigen stays in solution. If the antigen must be kept in solution, a dip and read plate-based platform such as the Octet, allows scientists to rapidly screen for optimal ligand loading concentrations (vary ligand while keeping the analyte (antibody) concentration constant and assessing optimal loading using the dissociation step profile.

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Octet R4 SARS-CoV-2 application note
Application Note

Biophysical Characterization of the Binding of SARS-CoV-2 to the ACE2...

Using the Octet® R4 Bio-Layer Interferometry Platform Application Note

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