Sample Purification Kits

Spend Less Time Purifying Samples and More Time Focusing on your Experiment and your Data

Sample purification is critical to the success of your experiment. Science isn’t about purifying a protein or a virus or a nanoparticle; it’s about answering a fundamental biological question. Our tools help you decrease your sample purification time through the use of tailored spin columns that offer faster purification with simpler workflows.

Vivapure IEX Membrane Chromatography

Replace time-consuming column chromatography with membrane chromatography and purify your sample faster using only a 3-step protocol

lab purification filtration

Vivapure Virus Purification and Concentration Kit

Quickly and safely purify adeno- and lentivirus in volumes from 20 mL to 1000 mL with our ready-to-go kits

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