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Life Science Research, Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing, Quality Control, and Applied Industries

Leverage Sartorius expertise built on a foundation of long-standing knowledge and continual innovation. With customized solutions for your application area, we provide everything you need for success in the Life Science, Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing, Quality Control and Testing, and Applied Industries. 

  • Move your research forward with our Life Science portfolio and exceed your goals for reliability, reproducibility, and rapid results.
  • Accelerate your time-to-market and reduce costs with single-use production platforms for Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing.
  • Trust in our field-proven products developed according to your stringent Quality Control and Testing requirements.
  • Equip your lab with the newest innovations to lead the way in Environmental, Food & Beverage, and Paint Mixing applications.

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Application Center

Experience Sartorius solutions for your specific application or process, as well as laboratory tasks, with industry-specific training

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Lab Academy

Customer-oriented training courses and seminars that teach theoretical fundamentals, paired with practical applications and industry trends.

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Bioprocess Development Engineering

Unique implementation methodology for your bioprocess using single-use technologies wherever possible and hybrid solutions

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