Cell Line Development: The First Step to Successful Commercialization

A Single-Vendor Approach

When it comes to the commercialization of a biological product, effective, high-quality cell line development is essential for your success. It requires a partner that offers experience, expertise, and a comprehensive portfolio of products and services — someone who can minimize risks, optimize outcomes and increase your flexibility. 

Sartorius addresses your needs at every stage of the journey to commercialization, whether you need a fully outsourced solution or select products and services to complement your internal cell line development (CLD) capabilities.

A Flexible Portfolio for Cell Line Development and Beyond

CLD Instruments

Making the right decisions early is a key differentiator in cell line development. Enhance your selection and characterization processes by choosing high-throughput solutions that can increase lab productivity, reduce costs and shorten timelines.

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CLD Services

A misstep during early-stage drug development can cause major delays and roadblocks to commercialization. Increase your chances of success by choosing a competent and experienced partner for your cell line development project. 

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CLD Custom Solutions

As you build your unique bioprocess, you need flexible solutions that enhance and extend your capabilities. Sartorius offers a full range of products and consulting expertise so you can get the right technologies and the right advice at exactly the right time to maximize your success.

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Cell Line Development Instruments

Innovative Products and Expertise to Optimize Your Processes

When building a team and capabilities to conduct high-throughput analysis and characterization, you need a partner who offers state-of-the-art technology along with training, support, and skill development for your staff.  

Sartorius’ high-throughput systems — Octet®, iQue®, and Ambr®15 platforms — are the most popular choice of labs globally for the early identification of stable, scalable, and high-titer cell lines. These innovative instruments streamline early-stage development and enable a smooth transition to manufacturing. 

  • Increase lab productivity 
  • Reduce costs 
  • Shorten experimental timelines 

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Cell Line Development Services

Expert Outsourced Services from a Single Trusted Provider

Fully outsourcing cell line development is the best choice for many manufacturing scenarios. Sartorius’ outstanding cell line technology and its experienced team, with more than 120 successfully developed cell lines, anchors our single-vendor approach for cell line development.

We cater to the individual needs of our customers at each stage to ensure a successful research cell bank (RCB), master cell bank (MCB), and working cell bank (WCB). Save up to 18 months in process optimization and scale easily for commercialization.

  • Outsource to a proven team 
  • Benefit from Sartorius’ leading CHO cell line development technology 
  • Draw upon our experience with over 120 successfully developed cell lines 

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Cell Line Development Custom Solutions

A Tailored Approach to Fit Your Process Needs

If you’re building a unique bioprocess that complements your in-house capabilities with some combination of advanced technologies, state-of-the-art instruments and experienced scientists from external providers, you benefit from a proven partner that can provide everything you need.

Sartorius offers a flexible suite of products and services and a deep bench of cell line development experts, so we can help you design a custom solution that fits your unique processes. 

  • Implement an adaptable approach 
  • Benefit from 100% flexibility 
  • Streamline with a single-vendor approach 

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A Guide to Accelerating CLD for Commercial Production

In this White Paper, Sartorius will provide an overview of cell line development and the associated hurdles that biotech companies should be aware of when establishing their process. Additionally, potential solutions that developers can access as part of an effective risk-management strategy and to improve their productivity are introduced.

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