Solutions to Advance Therapeutic Peptide Research

To date, over 60 peptide drugs have been approved worldwide; over 150 are in active clinical development. 

Although the first native peptides such as insulin and ACTH were isolated from mammalian tissues, most native peptides currently on the market are produced synthetically or through recombinant expression. Novel development strategies are focusing on the improvement of pharmaceutical properties of native and analog peptides such as half-life extension, oral bio-availability and intestinal permeability. 

Cell Analysis Platforms

By identifying new peptide drugs and small molecules that target peptide receptors high-throughput screening (HTS) and live cell analysis technologies offer unique solutions to accelerate the discovery process.

iQue® 3 High-Throughput Cytometry Platform

Built to Accelerate Your Research - Get from samples to actionable results in record time!

Assess multiple cellular parameters faster, with fewer cells using lower amounts of reagents. With high throughput sample processing and analysis, and the ability to simultaneously collect data on multiple parameters, the iQue® 3 is transforming biologics discovery by converting the low throughput, time consuming traditional flow cytometry approach into a truly advanced screening and profiling method with deeper, more efficient insight.

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Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis System

Gain insight into the cellular effects of your peptide drug candidate, directly from inside your incubator, with our real-time quantitative live-cell imager and analyzer.

The Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis System is a real-time quantitative live-cell imaging and analysis platform that enables visualization and quantification of cell behavior over time, by automatically gathering and analyzing images around the clock within a standard laboratory incubator. This groundbreaking technology allows researchers to make time-lapsed, kinetic measurements from living cells over days and weeks providing insight into active biological processes in real time.

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iQue® 3 High-Throughput Cytometry Platform

Qbeads® Plexscreen family of reagents use immunochemistry to capture specific secreted proteins on distinct bead types. We offer beads for human, mouse and rat secreted proteins.

Qbeads® Family of Reagents enable capture of specific proteins on distinct bead types for multiplexed quantitation of cytokines, adhesion molecules, enzymes, growth factors receptors and more.

Cellular Phenotype and Function Applications 
Mix-and-read screening kits include optimized reagents and flexible formats validated for the iQue platform. No wash protocols save time, reduce variability and allow for miniaturization. Kits can be multiplexed to increase assay content and reduce sample requirements.

Immune Cell-Based Kits enable the analysis of multiple immunological cell phenotypes and functional traits such as viability, proliferation, and cytokine release.

T Cell Activation Cell and Cytokine Profiling Kit

Assesses the activation status of T cells while providing information about their health and their role in cytokine secretion.

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Webinar: Gaining Critical Insights for Drug Discovery Applications Usi...

Assesses the activation status of T cells while providing information about their health and their role in cytokine secretion.

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Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis System

White Paper: Live-Cell Immunocytochemistry
Immunocytochemistry (ICC) is a powerful laboratory imaging technique for visualizing the location of specific proteins in cells using targeted fluorescently-labeled antibodies (‘immunofluorescence’). In this article, we introduce an integrated solution for ‘live-cell’ ICC, based on Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis and fluorescently-labelled antibody fragments. The methodology is amenable to any protein expressed on the cell surface to which there is a corresponding specific antibody.

Morphological and Phenotypic Live-Cell Assays
Ensure the physiological relevance of results and reveal time-dependent treatment effects early in the drug discovery process by providing real-time morphological and phenotypic insight.

Live Cell Monitoring & Workflows - Immunocytochemistry

Reveal the dynamics of surface protein expression with a new approach to immunocytochemistry. Incucyte live-cell monitoring is an important cell imagi...

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Antibody Internalization

Novel solution for rapid, kinetic, high-throughput analysis of antibody internalization.

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Other Featured Cell Analysis Applications


Detect real-time measurements of cell death based on cell membrane integrity.

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Investigate aberrations in apoptotic pathways in intact, living cells.

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Proliferation & Cell Counting

Measure the proliferation or count cells in mono- or co-cultures, with or without labels.

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Immune Cell Clustering and Proliferation

Understand the mechanisms of immune cell activation, proliferation and regulation.

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iQue Instrument and software on a lab bench

iQue® Advanced Flow Cytometry Platform

Advanced flow cytometry platform to get from samples to actionable results in record time. Evaluate cytotoxicity, apoptosis and other biological...

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Tools for Your Downstream Peptide Research Applications

Clarification and Filtration

Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab Filtration Kits

Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab kits are designed for rapid harvesting 15 mL to 1,000 mL volumes of cell cultures in the lab, enabling clarification and sterile filtration to be performed in one step. These kits simplify the process by fully eliminating the centrifugation step otherwise needed for clarification. As a result, up to 1,000 mL cell cultures can be efficiently clarified and sterilized in minutes – quickly and easily.

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Concentration, Buffer Exchange and Diafiltration

Vivaflow®, Vivaspin® and Vivapure® Ultrafilters

Perfect solutions for your ultrafiltration needs serving the complete protein ultrafiltration workflow: From concentration and diafiltration of the original protein source, a cell culture supernatant, to final concentration | desalting of the purified protein.

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Application Notes

Concentration of Low Molecular Weight Peptides - Concentration of Peptides with Vivaspin 500 Ultrafiltration Devices

PDF | 42.9 KB

Concentration of an 8 kDa Peptide Fragment with Vivaspin® 6 Ultrafiltration Devices

PDF | 74.7 KB

Particle Removal and Sterile Filtration

Minisart® Syringe Filters

Minisart® syringe filters are ideal for clarification of liquids laden with particles, e.g. for preparation of pharmaceuticals or infusion solutions. Sartorius offers Minisart syringe filters for a wide range of applications. The filters are clean and safe as they are almost free of leachables and extractables. Additionally, they reliably remove particles and microorganisms with no leakage.

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Blotting Papers

Soak it up right! Pure blotting paper and consistent CN membrane for reproducible results.

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Microbial Contamination Control of Cell Cultures

Microsart® AMP Mycoplasma Kit

Ensure your results are from your cells, not contamination. Screen your cultures with our real-time PCR kit for mycoplasma contamination.

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Microsart® RESEARCH Bacteria Kit

Provides rapid detection of total bacteria within 2½ h. Use Microsart® RESEARCH Bacteria for fast and reliable real-time PCR-based detection of bacterial contamination in cell cultures or cell culture supernatants. 

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Cubis II - Your Balance, Your Way

Highest precision and safe workflows
Cubis II Laboratory balances offer attractive build-in – both hardware (e.g. calibration or leveling) and software (QApps) solutions, modularity and various connectivity options at the highest level of precision. These balances were designed for intuitive operation, aided by intelligent assistant systems which ensure the correct usage of the balance at all the time.

Ergonomic sample weighing with uncompromised accuracy
The great variety of sample holders and weighing pans ensure that samples of various types (e.g. safe-lock tubes, vials, flask, syringes or even animals) can be weighed directly on the balance. In this way workflows can be executed much easier, safer and faster. Made of titanium, not only the highest material quality is guaranteed, but notably the repeatability is not jeopardized because of the non-magnetic properties. 

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Application Highlight: Safe-Lock Tube Holders for Cubis® Balances

PDF | 1.1 MB
Application Highlight

Application Highlight: Vial and Flask Holders for Cubis® Balances

PDF | 934.6 KB

Related Products

Mycap® CCX Cell Expansion System

Reliable aseptic technique for cell culture expansion, Mycap® CCX has a revolutionary closed design that ensures media feed, inoculation, sampling, and transfers are done aseptically—without the need for a biosafety cabinet. 

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sample preparation

Sample Preparation

Sartorius’s lab products for sample preparation are scalable and enable reproducible procedures. Our products cover a spectrum from weighing to sedimentation solutions to ultrafiltration units.

Optimize your sample preparation for accurate and reliable results.

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Arium®️ Pro VF or UF with Integrated Ultrafilter and Arium®️ Mini Ultrapure Water Systems with Arium®️ Cellplus Ultrafilter

Designed for efficient removal of endotoxins, RNase, DNase, microorganisms and particles. Provides the highest safety for your critical cell culture applications.

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Tacta® Mechanical Pipettes

Sartorius mechanical pipettes are appreciated for their ergonomics, ease of use, and reliability.

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Picus® 2 Electronic Pipette

The next generation of pipetting with Bluetooth connectivity, unbeatable ergonomics, a variety of pipetting modes and repeatable results.

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Pipette Tips

For accurate and precise results, you need tips designed to match your pipette. Our Optifit Tips and Safetyspace® Filter Tips are designed and manufactured to fit perfectly on our pipettes.

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Process Development and Manufacturing of Blood Proteins

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Bioconjugate Development and Manufacturing

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