Cell and Gene Therapy

Advancing the Promise of Cell and Gene Therapies

Cell and gene therapies are providing remarkable outcomes for patients in need of new treatment options. To bring these promising modalities to more patients, advances are needed across the continuum from discovery through development to manufacturing.  

That’s where we can make a difference. We’re committed to helping you reveal the full potential of cell therapies, gene-modified cell therapies, and gene therapies. Let’s get started.

Screening Ensemble for Cell-based Therapies

Broadly explore culture conditions while accelerating experimental design, execution, and validation

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Process Knowledge Ensemble for Cell-based Therapies

Build foundational process knowledge through early process optimization to ease clinical transferability

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The Finish Line. Faster.

Polyplus Is Now Part of Sartorius

Improve process economics in cell and gene therapies.

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How Scalable and Intensified is Your CAR-T Process?

The clinical pipeline for CAR-T therapy shows the imminent need for manufacturing optimization to overcome key bottlenecks.

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Digitalize Your Cell and Gene Therapy Processes

CDMOs can address key process optimization challenges and improve delivery time for cell and gene therapies using data analytics.

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A Robust End-to-End EV Purification and Analytics Platform

Learn how we achieved high purity and concentration while maintaining EV critical quality attributes.

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Do Your Cells Need a Boost? Explore Cell Booster Bundle

Build your ideal bundle for cell culture with our selection of media, growth factors, cytokines, and microcarriers.

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Sartorius Gene-Modified Cell Therapy Solutions

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Process Development

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Gene Therapy Resources

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iPSC Solutions

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