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Transforming Biologics Discovery Through Innovation

The promise of biotherapeutics

  • Biologic drugs have transformed modern medicine and their continued evolution gives greater promise for many patients with serious or untreatable conditions, such as cancer, and existing and emerging infectious diseases, such as COVID-19.

Meeting the challenges of biologics development

  • Attrition rates of the drug discovery process are still very high. To accelerate research and increase the chances of success with drug development programs, you need translational data and insights that expedite decision-making and help you make better predictions regarding the safety and efficacy of your drug candidates.

Translational insights. Streamlined workflows. Reduced development costs

  • Sartorius provides scientists with innovative, groundbreaking solutions and technologies to enable translational insights and streamlined workflows that accelerate and improve the outcomes of preclinical trials, helping to enhance your productivity and reduce the time and cost of drug development.

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Protein Therapeutics | Antibody Discovery & Development

Information-rich solutions for development of antibody therapeutics including next-generation antibodies, nanobodies and bi-specific Abs.

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Biosimilar Development

At the heart of all biosimilar development is a comprehensive comparability study. See how we can support your robust analytical data package.

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Therapeutic Peptide Research

Peptides are a unique class of pharmaceutical compounds, poised between small molecules and biopharmaceuticals, yet biochemically and therapeutically...

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Product Highlights for Biologics Discovery & Development

Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis System

  • Remote image acquisition and analysis while cells remain safely within their tissue culture environment
  • More biologically and physiologically relevant insights
  • Protect against artificially induced artifacts with non-perturbing Incucyte® reagents

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iQue® Advanced Flow Cytometry Platform

  • High content, multi-factorial results for greater biological insight
  • 1 µL sample volumes help conserve precious samples
  • Acquisition and analysis software designed specifically for drug discovery
  • Unparalleled speed allows library screening in days, not months

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Octet® Label-Free Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI) Detection Systems

  • Parallel processing of up to 96 samples; non-destructive and in real-time
  • Quantitation or binding kinetics measured directly in unpurified samples
  • Ease of use with minimal maintenance, perfect for multi-user environments

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Brochure: Insightful Solutions for Biologics Drug Discovery

See how our technologies and solutions ensure confidence in your product at every stage of the biologics discovery and development workflow.

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eBook: How Are Label-Free Technologies Used in Early Drug Discovery?

eBook: How Are Label-Free Technologies Used in Early Drug Discovery?

Modern analytical techniques designed for real-time analysis and high-throughput capabilities significantly reduce the time to the discovery.

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Infographic: Developing Next-Generation Therapeutic Antibodies

Therapeutic antibodies are one of the most successful immunotherapy strategies for the treatment of both hematologic cancers and solid tumors.

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Cell Line Development

A Perfect Fit, From Start to Finish: Cell line development with intelligent tools, services, and solutions for your unique needs.

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biologics virus vaccine

Viral Vaccines & Vectors

Viral vaccines & vectors are widely used for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, gene therapy, and oncolytic applications. Speed...

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