HPLC Sample Prep

HPLC sample preparation
Clean samples = clean results

HPLC is one of the most common high-precision analytical methods. Its primary objective: deliver reproducible and specific results. A sample needs to be optimally prepared so it can be injected directly onto an HPLC column.

To accomplish this, your sample not only needs to be dissolved in the appropriate solvent. Even more important, it must also be free of particles to rule out interference in the best possible way during detection and to prevent blockage of your column. This labor-intensive sample prep is often a tedious chore that is time-consuming.

Your HPLC results can only be as good as your sample prep quality

Non-optimized Sample Prep

Chromatogram with pronounced background noise and peak tailing

In HPLC analysis, problems originating from sample preparation can occur.

  • Possible blockage of your HPLC column
  • Lower sensitivity of your HPLC column
  • Peak Tailing
  • More false-positive peaks
  • Higher background noise
  • Leachables

Optimized Sample Prep

Chromatogram with a stable baseline and symmetrical peaks

Using Sartorius products to prepare samples for HPLC prevents the usual problems from occurring and permits higher analytical accuracy to be attained.

  • No blockage of your HPLC column
  • Higher sensitivity of your HPLC column
  • Higher accuracy
  • Fewer false-positive peaks
  • Less background noise
  • No leachables

For high sensitivity analyses, every detail counts.

Let us convince you how you can save time with our solutions and at the same time increase the reproducibility of your results:

Arium Mini ultrapure water system

Step 1. Preparation of Solvents

Arium® Mini Plus UV and Arium® Pro ultrapure lab water systems

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Step 2. Preparation of Standards

Cubis® balance with Q-App software

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Step 3. Pipetting

Tacta® and Picus® pipettes with Low Retention tips

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Step 4. Filtration

Claristep® filtration system and Minisart® filtration units

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Sample Preparation for Analytical Quality Control

Solutions for Pharmaceutical Sample Prep Quality Control

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