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Innovative Solutions for Efficient and Simplified Chemical Analysis

More of it, only the very best of it, and keep it eco-friendly.

Increasing productivity and quality while saving time – efficient and economical solutions are the key to lasting success in a constantly changing market driven by innovations and regulations. An effective process that meets all requirements must be designed carefully from the very beginning to end. 

We are here to simplify. Easy-to-handle and quick-to-clean meets highest durability and resilience. With flexible, modular and versatile products we help you drive innovation and adapt to new trends, technologies or regulations in your pursuit of sustainable chemistry – doing more with less. Whether in research, process development or quality control our innovation can help you achieve stability, safety and efficacy every step of the way.  

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of a product’s potential impact on the environment. So are we. Facing a growing responsibility to embrace industrial sustainability, we work hard to provide clients and partners with future-proof and resource-saving technologies.   

For us, sustainability begins right on our own doorstep. We act responsibly towards our future and our environment – for our employees, for our clients and for society. 


Cosmetics and Personal Care: Better is Beautiful

Compliant Solutions for Effective Development and Testing Of Cosmetics and Personal Care Products

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fine and specialty chemicals

Fine & Specialty Chemicals: Make Superior Performance

Flexible Solutions for Advanced Development and Testing of Fine Chemicals

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bulk chemicals

Bulk Chemicals: Rough Enough to Be Up to the Task?

Durable Solutions for Safe and Sustainable Work With Bulk Chemicals

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Discover Sustainable Solutions

Sustainability is an integral part of our corporate strategy and one of our corporate values

To us, sustainability means operating responsibly over the long term –with respect to customers, employees, investors, business partners and society as a whole. Likewise, it entails handling natural resources responsibly.

Good health and well-being are at the core of our business.


Learn more about the corporate responsibility of Sartorius

See how Sartorius operates responsible over the long term - with respect to business partners, employees, society and natural resources

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Discover the Non-Financial Group Statement

Read the impact of Sartorius business activities on stakeholders, the environment and society in the Non-Financial Group Statement

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Improve your Sustainability with Sartorius Data Analytics Software

Use the Umetrics® Suite to reduce cost and decrease emissions in heat and power generation

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Thumbnail - Chemical & Consumer Care periodic table of elements

Chemical & Consumer Care Periodic Table of Elements

This poster presents the periodic table of elements which are an important tool in your chemical rooms. Feel free to download it and put it on your wa...

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Weighing Applications in the Fields of Biopharma, Pharma, Biomedical Sciences and Chemical Engineering

Sartorius Cubis® II Premium Balances

Weighing Applications in the Fields of Chemical Engineering With Sartorius Cubis® II Premium Balances

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Innovative Solutions for Efficient and Simplified Chemical Analysis

With flexible, modular and versatile products we help you drive innovation and adapt to new trends, technologies or regulations in your pursuit of sus...

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Cubis II family

Cubis®️ II: The Perfect Solution for the Chemical Industry

Easy-to-handle Cubis®️ II Ultra-Micro and Micro Premium Balances to reach highest precision in your results and efficacy in y...

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SIMCA® Multivariate Data Analysis Software

With an advanced data analytics solution like SIMCA® you will be able to keep full control over your processes from raw material to finished...

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