Transforming Cell Therapies From R&D to Manufacturing

Setting the Standard in Cell Therapy, Together

Cell therapies have potential to treat previously untreatable conditions, from rare diseases to cancer. Since the cells themselves are the drug product, meeting safety and efficacy standards requires achieving high yield of your target cell and phenotype.

We leverage decades of industry experience to help you navigate these challenges, ensuring performance and scalability with a simplified path to regulatory approvals.

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End-to-End Cell Therapy Solutions


Setting the Standard in Reproducible Performance

  • Optimize expansion, differentiation, and biopreservation with media and reagents.

  • Ensure high-density expansion and recovery with high-performing, single-use, and automated bioreactors and centrifugation systems.

  • Inform decision-making with intuitive data analytics.


Setting the Standard in Simplified Scale-Up

  • Streamline revalidation and optimization with scalable bioreactors, single-use bags, and cell harvest systems

  • Simplify the transition to clinical and commercial production with media and growth factors available in a variety of formats

  • Protect your cell therapy product’s performance during shipping and handling with preassembled, scalable storage solutions

Regulatory Compliance

Setting the Standard for a Simplified Path to Regulatory Compliance

  • Meet efficacy and safety standards with solutions backed by rigorous quality-assurance processes

  • Navigate regulatory requirements with our testing and validation services along with expert support

  • Protect against contamination with raw materials, media and buffer filters, and single-use solutions suitable for GMP processes

Process Development and Manufacturing

End-to-End Solutions for Your Workflow

Browse solutions for stem cell therapy process development and manufacturing.

Stem Cell Therapy

Support each step of MSC, iPSC, and HSC workflows from discovery to commercialization.

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More About Cell Therapy From Sartorius


Resource Roadmap to Screening Success in Cell-Based Therapy

Enable broad exploration early in development with synergistic cell culture technologies.

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Related Assets For Cell Therapy


Innovative Preservation Solutions For Cell Therapy

Improve the stability and post-thaw viability of your cell therapy products.

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Support for Stem Cell and Gene-Modified Cell Therapies

Support your therapy development from concept to manufacturing with Recombumin® recombinant human albumin. 

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Application Note

Reliable Proliferation and Differentiation of T Cell Subpopulations

See how two grades of IL-2 compare in the growth, viability, and subpopulation distribution of PBMCs.

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Application Note

Optimizing and Scaling Up hiPSC Aggregates and Organoids

Create a scalable platform for large-scale hiPSC production.

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Extractables and Leachables in Cell and Gene Therapies

Learn about common challenges and how to solve them.

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The Smart Aliquoting Solution: Linkit® AX

Overcome challenges of manual filling applications, and optimize aliquoting in cell and gene therapy processes.

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Cell Therapy Research and Development Resources

Gain expert insight on cell therapy approaches and best practices to advance your next breakthrough treatment in this curated collection.

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Cell Therapy Solutions

Find solutions that shorten your time-to-market and improve cost-efficiency at every step of your workflow.

Featured Products

Explore cell therapy solutions for each step of process development and manufacturing, from cell banking to expansion to recovery.

Ksep® Centrifugation Systems

Increase processing speed and recovery with scalable, single-use, and low-shear centrifugation systems for cell harvest and washing.

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Celsius® FFT Freezing Solution

Manage your entire cold chain with confidence – from filling and freezing to shipping, thawing, and dispensing.

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Ambr® 250 Benchtop Bioreactor

Optimize your CPPs and CQAs quickly with multi-parallel and semi-automated mini-bioreactors.

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Sartopore® 2 and Virosart® Media Filters

Preserve sterility and protect your process from virus contamination with reliable filters for media and buffer filtration.

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Linkit® AX Aliquoting Solution

Aliquot your media and buffers 10x faster while minimizing variability with a ready-to-use automated aliquoting system. 

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Recombumin® Recombinant Human Albumin

Stabilize your cell and gene therapy product with versatile recombinant human albumin.

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Biowelder® TC Sterile Welding Device

Preserve sterility during connection and disconnection throughout your biomanufacturing process.

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CellGenix® Preclinical-Grade and GMP Cytokines

Ensure robust proliferation and differentiation with seamless scale-up with preclinical-grade and GMP cytokines.

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Cell Freezing Media & Biopreservation

Preserve your cells with animal component-free solutions for short- and long-term storage.

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To help find the right materials and consumables for your needs, request a sample from our portfolio.

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Cell Therapy R&D Solutions

Explore Research and Development Solutions for MSC, iPSC, and CAR-T Therapies

Crossing the finish line with a new treatment takes determination and innovative thinking, along with the right solutions to accelerate progress from R&D to process development and manufacturing.

  • Breakthrough: Overcome bottlenecks from bench to bedside by gaining translational insights with next-generation cell and protein analysis platforms. Mitigate cell, donor, and process variability with automation and control.
  • Build: Capture valuable cell and process information and build process knowledge by combining 3D suspension culture systems with comprehensive characterization through data analysis.
  • Bridge: Streamline processes from R&D to manufacturing, and deliver effective regenerative therapies to patients faster.

Find the Right Solution for Your Process

Explore products and services for stem and immune cell workflows.

Cell Therapy CAR-T cell attacking cancer cell

CAR-T Research & Development

Cutting-edge solutions that streamline lab-scale research and development workflows for characterizing quality attributes of T-cells

Explore CAR-T R&D
Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells iPSC Cell Therapy

iPSC Therapy Research & Development

Enables the discovery and multiplexed screening validation of differentiation protocols to accelerate time to market

Explore iPSC R&D
Cell Therapy MSC Mesenchymal Stem Cell illustration

Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy Research & Development

Effective advanced cytotherapies require reliable equipment and bioprocesses to move from research to regulatory approval

Explore MSC R&D

Continued Commitment to Cell Therapy Excellence

News & Events

Learn more about cell and gene therapy news and events.

Polyplus, now part of Sartorius

July 18, 2023 - Sartorius completes acquisition of Polyplus

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New CGT Center in Freiburg (Germany)

September 19, 2023 - Sartorius establishes a competence center for manufacturing components for cell and gene therapies in Freiburg 

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Forming Partnerships

September 28, 2023 - Sartorius forms partnership with SPARTA Biodiscovery on novel nanoparticle analysis platform

Read Press Release

Albumedix, now part of Sartorius

September 30, 2022 - Sartorius completes acquisition of Albumedix

Read Press Release

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