Cell Therapy

Discovery, Development, and Manufacturing of Cell Therapies

Cell-based therapies provide new opportunities to treat disease and offer hope to patients in need. Crossing the finish line with a new treatment takes determination and innovative thinking along with the right solutions to accelerate progress from R&D, to Process Development and Manufacturing, safely and cost effectively. 

Breakthrough: Transcend bottlenecks from bench to bedside by mitigating cell, donor and process variability with automation and control

Build: Capture valuable cell and process information and build process knowledge by unifying 3D suspension culture systems with comprehensive characterization through data analysis

Bridge: Unite processes from R&D through process development to manufacturing and deliver effective regenerative therapies to patients faster 

Recombumin® Recombinant Human Albumin. Supporting Cell Therapies

Pure, safe, and consistent, USP-NF compliant Recombumin® recombinant albumins support cell therapies from research and development to in-human application

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Panel Discussion: CAR-T Cell Therapy for Cancer Treatment

Experts share insights and perspectives on where the cellular immunotherapy industry is headed.

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