Blood and Plasma

Process Development and Manufacturing of Blood Proteins

Discover our Technologies for Plasma Fractionation and Recombinant Blood Factors

The global demand for blood proteins is expanding due to new indications, better access and an aging population. Plasma fractionating companies adapt to this strongly growing market demand by maximizing their facility throughput and by making their facilities more flexible. In addition, yield optimization and process characterization is increasingly important. Product diversification such as recombinant processes open new possibilities with regard to new indications and help to satisfy the increasing market demand.

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Precipitates from the plasma fractionation process can be separated either by centrifugation or by filtration. Sartorius Stedim Biotech offers a full...

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Plasma fractionation requires the use of highly performing pre-filters to remove impurities and to protect the subsequent (sterile) filter without com...

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Sterile Filtration

Sterile filtration is a critical step in the very controlled environment of plasma processes and also includes formulation and final filling. We offer...

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Membrane Chromatography

Membrane chromatography is a powerful technology for polishing applications and for bind-elute steps for large proteins such as coagulation factors to...

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Crossflow Filtration

Our ultrafiltration membranes offer consistent and reliable performance in plasma purification. The new ambr crossflow benchtop TFF system is a unique...

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Virus Filtration

Highest Virus Safety for Your Patient. Reliable Retention Under All Circumstances

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Process Development and Knowledge Sharing

You can rely on a global network of application centers and experts who have a long track record in plasma manufacturing processes.

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Yield Optimization for Albumin and Immunoglobulin Crossflow



Process Optimization Strategies for Virus Filtration

Learn about validation strategies and best practices for integrity testing of virus filters and adsorptive pre-filters.

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Virus Removal in Blood and Plasma Manufacturing

Learn why emerging viruses challenge established virus safety concepts and how Sartorius can help improve virus clearance strategies.

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Recombinant Blood Coagulation Factors

Single-Use Bioreactors

Fully scalable platform with working volumes from 15 mL up to 2000 L.

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Sartorius Biostat® RM Cell Culture Bioreactor

Cell Culture Bioreactors

A very broad portfolio from the bench to industrial scale.

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Sartorius Biostat® D-DCU Stainless Steel Bioreactor

Stainless Steel Bioreactors

Long term experience built into high quality stainless steel bioreactors

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Single-Use Technologies

Discover the benefits with regard to handling of intermediate fractions, capacity planning, ease of use and speed in operations.

Single-Use Bioprocess Bags


Mixing Systems

Freeze and Thaw Systems

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Bioprocess Development Engineering

We provide a unique implementation methodology for your bioprocess using SU technologies and hybrid solutions for your type & scale of process.

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Expert Voice, Publications and Case Studies

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Sartorius Application Center

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