Make Quality Your Benchmark and Consumer Safety Your Priority in Cannabis Testing

Sartorius Is Your Partner for Reliable Sample Preparation and Data Integrity for Cannabis Analysis.

States which have passed laws permitting usage of medicinal and recreational cannabis products are also calling for rigorous testing of cannabis derivatives to ensure consumer safety. 

Sartorius offers a variety of high-quality products that ensure most accurate test results and allow your testing lab to run smoothly at all times. Our products not only support you in performing super-fast determination of your samples’ moisture and weight, but also in the process of safely preparing of your samples for analytical or microbiological analysis. Our software supports your data integrity through enhanced security settings.

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Interview about Challenges & Innovations during Cannabis Sample Prep
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Optimize Sample Throughput, Accuracy and Precision of Results When Determining Moisture Content in Your Cannabis Samples

Determining the moisture content of cannabis and products derived from it is critical throughout the entire manufacturing process - from harvesting to packaging of the finished product.  Water content influences a variety of factors including – product weight, active ingredient concentrations (THC), shelf life, susceptibility to contamination, flavor profiles, product consistency and more.

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Workflow poster: From Seed to Sale

Sartorius helps you build efficient workflows, so you can concentrate on achieving high-qulity results in your medicinal Cannabis analysis.

Discover the workflow poster and understand the challenges and solutions we can offer within the Cannabis environment.

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Moisture Analysis

Super-fast determination of the moisture content of cannabis as a crucial indicator of potential microbial contamination

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Analytical Cannabis Testing

Accurate and Consistent Lab Work Deserves Reliable and Precise Equipment and Best in Class Sample Prep

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Cannabis Conferences and Events

Due to the ongoing, world-wide COVID-19 issue the conferences in March & April have been cancelled.

We are unable to inform you of our next conference attendance at this time.

We will update you in the future. 

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Stay tuned! More events to follow. 

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February 26-29, 2020

6th Annual Emerald Conference

San Diego, California 

September 5, 2019

Cannabis Science Conference

Portland, Oregon

April 1-3, 2019

Analytical Cannabis Expo

San Francisco, California

February 27 - March 1, 2019

5th Annual Emerald Conference

San Diego, California 

November 12, 2019

Analytical Cannabis Expo Europe

London, Europe

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Sartorius does not encourage, promote or support the use of any of its products or services in conjunction with any illegal cultivation, production, trade, or use of cannabis or cannabis products. Sartorius products are intended exclusively for scientific or medical research and analysis purposes which are legally approved and compliant with applicable laws, and which are performed in a manner that promotes public safety. Sartorius neither acquiesces nor condones the consumption of recreational or medical marijuana.