Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

Predefined Single-Use Production Platforms for Biomanufacturing

The biopharmaceutical industry can reduce the time and cost required to bring products to the clinic and the market by taking advantage of single-use production platforms. These platforms integrate proven services and technologies for the development and manufacture of mAbs, vaccines, and bioconjugates.

Companies can streamline early-stage process development activities by leveraging the expertise and experience Sartorius has acquired over many years while establishing biomanufacturing processes for clients. Furthermore, Sartorius can expedite the engineering of single-use and hybrid processes for scale-up during late-stage activities using process templates that reduce design costs and increase standardization.

Racing for a Viable Vaccine: Expediting Vaccine Development Amidst a Pandemic
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Sartorius Biomanufacturing Platforms


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Blood and Plasma

Discover our Technologies for Plasma Fractionation and Recombinant Blood Factors

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Intensified Processing

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Cell Line Development Toolbox for Intensified Bioprocessing | Dec 8

Learn how our toolbox can help you to speed up process development

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Sartorius End-to-End, Single-Use Downstream Solution | December 1

Learn how Sartorius' new, single-use technologies meet the growing demands of clinical and commercial biopharmaceutical environments.

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Publication: A Look into the Future of Bioprocessing
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