Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Medicine Bioprocessing

Regenerative Medicine therapeutics repair, replace and engineer human cells, tissues and organs to restore their normal function. The discipline has great potential to address clinical needs that are currently unmet by conventional pharma or biopharmaceutical products. There are many industrialization challenges that companies developing regenerative medicines must overcome, including scale up and scale out and contamination risks, before the full potential of the technology and a robust commercialization model can be realized.

Sartorius Stedim Biotech is a global solution provider to the biologic industry and is well positioned to support regenerative medicine companies by applying technologies adapted for these sectors. With a broad range of unique and innovative technologies and services, Sartorius supports the development, analysis and manufacture of a range of different types of regenerative medicines with single-use automated systems.

Our vast product line enables comprehensive workflow packages from research through to commercial production for Gene Therapies such as viral vectors, Cell Therapies like mesenchymal stem cells and Cellular Immunotherapy such as CAR-T.

Gene Therapy

Sartorius’ product portfolio encompasses a wide range of technologies for your gene therapy development and manufacturing process.

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Cell Therapy

Sartorius Stedim Biotech can support the development, analysis and manufacture of your cell therapy products.

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Cellular Immunotherapies

Learn more about process development, analytical tools and production platforms for these exciting new therapies.

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Support for Stem Cell Research

High-quality serum-free stem cell culture media to support the reproducible generations of quality-assured and clinically acceptable stem cells.

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Regulatory Considerations When Choosing Stem Cell Media

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