Convenient and Customized iQue® Kits for Confident Determination of Cell Health

Comprehensive solutions, including instrumentation, reagents, and software to analyze multiple cell health and cell function endpoints, such as viability, proliferation, apoptosis and more.

Our screening platform integrates a flow-based instrument with enabling and easy to use software equipped with automated templates and reagents designed to address key challenges across the suspension-cell screening workflow.

Acquire and analyze high content, multiplexed assays needed to assess immune cell function by combining cell immuno-phenotyping, cell health, and secreted protein (cytokine) analysis in every well of a microtiter plate.

Choose from kits that are optimized for no-wash protocols and can be multiplexed with other kits.

Comprehensive Kits to Determine Viability, Vitality, and Cell Health

Cell Cycle

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Cell Membrane Integrity

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Cell Encoder

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Cell Proliferation

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iQue® Advanced Flow Cytometry Platform

High-throughput suspension cell screening system ideal for laboratories with a need to obtain assay data fast.

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iQue Forecyt® Software

Interactive assay development, analysis, and multiparameter data visualization.

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iQue® Reagent Kits

Optimized application-specific reagent kits for cell- and bead-based screening applications.

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