End-To-End Gene Therapy Solutions

Setting the Standard in Gene Therapy, Together

Gene therapies have potential to transform the way we treat conditions like hereditary genetic disorders, cancer, and infectious diseases, and have become one of the most rapidly evolving fields in regenerative medicine. Delivering them requires optimizing processes upstream and downstream to retain critical quality attributes. 

To meet the growing demand for viral vectors in clinical therapeutics, scientists need solutions that offer reproducible performance and scalability with a simplified path to regulatory approvals.

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End-to-End Gene Therapy Solutions


Setting the Standard in Reproducible Performance

  • Boost your gene therapy process performance with transfection reagents and media optimized for specific viral vectors

  • Ensure a high-performing process with automated, high-throughput, and innovative technologies that speed up development timelines

  • Enhance process understanding and speed up decision-making with intuitive data analytics


Setting the Standard in Simplified Scale-Up

  • Simplify the transition to clinical and commercial production with scalable bioreactors, media, and growth factors available in a variety of formats

  • Streamline revalidation and optimization with scalable purification platform solutions that raise yield and reduce costs

  • Protect your gene therapy product’s performance during shipping and handling with preassembled, scalable storage solutions.

Regulatory Compliance

Setting the Standard for a Simplified Path to Regulatory Compliance

  • Meet efficacy and safety standards with solutions backed by rigorous quality-assurance processes

  • Navigate regulatory requirements with our robust analytical tools, testing and validation services, and expert support

  • Protect against contamination with raw materials, media and buffer filters, and single-use solutions suitable for GMP processes.

Process Development and Manufacturing

End-to-End Solutions for Your Workflow

Browse solutions for gene therapy process development and manufacturing.

AAV Gene Therapy

Accelerate your AAV workflow with robust, scalable, and high-quality consumables, technologies, and services. 

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More About Gene Therapy From Sartorius


End-to-End Scalable Purification Platform for Extracellular Vesicles

Obtain highly pure and concentrated EVs while maintaining CQAs.

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Expand and Accelerate Cell Line and Viral Vector Screening

Optimize media selection during early PD to streamline development and accelerate time-to-market.

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Robust Development of DSP Tools for AAV

Learn how an optimized DSP platform can improve process development timelines and manufacturing complexity in AAV gene therapy.

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White Paper

Addressing New Challenges in Bulk Drug Substance Management

Up to 25% of vaccines are believed to be lost due to cold chain failures. Learn how robust-by-design freezing containers can help.

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Accelerating AAV Vector Development and Manufacturing

Learn how adapting your AAV vector process to suspension can offer benefits like flexibility and scalability, and streamline documentation.

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Mitigating Risk in Viral Vector & Gene Therapy Cell Culture Media

Control virus risk in cell culture media for viral vector and gene therapy.

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Ensuring Integrity of Single-Use Systems

Enhance process efficiency, improve product quality, and help ensure product availability with a risk-based SU integrity testing strategy.

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Gene Therapy Solutions

Find solutions that accelerate your time-to-market and improve cost-efficiency at every step of your gene therapy workflow. 

Featured Products

Explore gene therapy solutions for each process step, from vector engineering and production to purification, final filtration, and fill and finish in process development and manufacturing workflows.

Transfection Reagents and pDNA

Increase AAV titer and particle quality with optimized transfection reagents and plasmids. 

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TFF Cassettes

Increase viral vector recovery using low adsorption membranes with MWCO ranging 30 to 300kDa, available in closed, presterilized units.

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Ambr® 250 Benchtop Bioreactor

Optimize your CPPs and CQAs quickly with multi-parallel and semi-automated mini-bioreactors.

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Celsius® FFT Freezing Solution

Manage your entire cold chain with confidence – from filling and freezing to shipping, thawing, and dispensing.

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Sartoclear® Depth Filters

Remove turbidity, increase AAV yield, and scale up easily with high-capacity and low-adsorption filters. 

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HEK293 Media

Generate high yield and titer with scalable and widely compatible media.

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Flexsafe® 2D Bags

Protect your product during storage and shipping for sterile filtration, media preparation, sampling, and fluid transfer steps.

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Sartopore® 2 XLG Filter

Achieve a sterile product by using a high-efficiency, low-adsorption, and robust filter to maximize yield.

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Biowelder® TC Sterile Welding Device

Preserve sterility during connection and disconnection throughout your biomanufacturing process.

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Continued Commitment to Gene Therapy Excellence

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Learn more about cell and gene therapy news and events.

Polyplus, now part of Sartorius

July 18, 2023 - Sartorius completes acquisition of Polyplus

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New CGT Center in Freiburg (Germany)

September 19, 2023 - Sartorius establishes a competence center for manufacturing components for cell and gene therapies in Freiburg 

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Forming Partnerships

September 28, 2023 - Sartorius forms partnership with SPARTA Biodiscovery on novel nanoparticle analysis platform

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Albumedix, now part of Sartorius

September 30, 2022 - Sartorius completes acquisition of Albumedix

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