Biological Process Analytical Technology (BioPAT®)

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Metabolite Determination

Biopharmaceutical production is highly regulated to ensure patient safety and requires appropriate process control, process validation and product characterization.

BioPAT® features certified and tested products that are integrated into the bioprocess unit operations offering, ready-to-use, “plug and play” control from a single user interface with no hassle.

During the cultivation stage, monitoring of nutrients and metabolites plays an important role for the control strategy of the entire process. The concentration of glucose and lactate in cultivation media provides information about the biochemical status and the lifecycle of the cells. The measurement results are used for calculation of nutrient rates and fully automated control of glucose feed in real-time.

BioPAT® Spectro

A new quality by design tool that unlocks the full potential of Raman spectroscopy.

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Advanced Real-Time Glucose and Lactate Analyzer

BioPAT® Trace is an analysis system for simultaneous online monitoring of glucose and lactate in laboratory and industrial cultivations of...

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