Vaccine Manufacturing, Process Development and Production

Single-Use Technologies and Associated Services Addressing Process Development and Productions Needs of Vaccine Manufacturers

Vaccination is one of the great inventions of all time. Vaccines have saved countless lives and improved the health of people all over the world.

Sartorius technology supports the production of traditional vaccines and emerging technologies such as recombinant vaccines. This is helping the industry to address both global endemic diseases and less predictable, but potentially devastating, localized outbreaks.

More than ever, people around the world need access to vaccines produced to rigorous standards of quality but at low cost. Flexible production facilities are needed that will allow capacity to be modulated easily. Increasingly vaccine manufacturers are seeking to construct and operate these facilities in locations across the globe to shorten delivery times and cold chain supply networks.

Development and Manufacturing of Viral Vectors

Learn more about our single-use technologies and associated services to address the process development and production of viral vectors.

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Recommendation for vaccine manufacturers considering implementing production solutions

Amélie Boulais, Vaccine Platform Marketing Manager at Sartorius Stedim Biotech

“Customers should not hesitate to explore innovative new processing solutions that can have an enormous impact on the productivity of the final process. Early stage development scientists now have access to bioprocessing technologies that can then be scaled-up into cGMP production. There are many good high-throughput screening tools and scale-down models for process development these days. Sartorius Process Development Consultants can help you develop an overall strategy for the design and implementation of your new vaccine process and our application scientists will assist you in optimizing individual steps."

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Learn more about how vaccine developers can accelerate their timelines and develop highly efficient viral vector processes.

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Adenovirus Downstream Process Intensification at GSK

Learn how GSK implemented a membrane adsorber to intensify adenovirus purification.

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Discover the ABL Europe’s New Viral Vector Production Facility

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Vaccine Related Publications

ABL Europe’s New Production Facility for the GMP Manufacture of Viral Vectors

PDF | 7.6 MB

Accelerated Development Manufacturing Monitoring Viral Vectors

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A membrane-based purification process for cell culture-derived influenza A virus

Weigel, T., Solomaier, T., Wehmeyer, S., Peuker, A., Wolff, M. W., & Reichl, U.
Journal of Biotechnology, 220, 12-20 (2016)

Simplified low-cost production of O-antigen from Salmonella Typhimurium Generalized Modules for Membrane Antigens (GMMA)

Eleonora Meloni, Anna Maria Colucci, Francesca Micoli, Luigi Sollai, Massimiliano Gavini, Allan Saul, Vito Di Cioccio, Calman A. MacLennan
Journal of Biotechnology, 198, 46-52

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