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Although well known as a leading international pharmaceutical and laboratory equipment supplier, Sartorius is actually working with and for a wide range of customers across practically every industry. With innovative and intuitive products and solutions, we help increase efficiency and productivity whether in routine or complex lab processes or industry specific workflows.

Count on our support in diverse applications across a broad range of technology-intensive industries, such as the food and beverage, automotive, chemical, environmental testing, medical devices, paint coating industries.

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Cannabis Testing

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Medical Devices

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Paint Mixing

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Chemical and Consumer Care

Chemical & Consumer Care

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150 Years of Proven Performance in Routine Lab Workflows

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Whatever the focus of your laboratory work, both in research and quality testing applications, reliable, reproducible and accurate data is key. In many workflows, the quality of results is dependent upon efficient, error-free sample and solution preparation.  With a comprehensive offering of high performance instruments, consumables and services, we provide the tools that give you confidence in your results.

For a faster time-to-result, learn more about our portfolio with solutions for weighing, pipetting and dispensing, filtration, microbiological testing and water purification.

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