Process Chromatography

Chromatography is essential for ensuring the purity and safety of modern biotherapeutic medicines. The Sartorius process chromatography portfolio supports multiple purification techniques and formats, steps from capture to polishing, in both multi-use and single-use scalable designs. To meet your demands for flexibility, productivity and cost-efficiency, Sartorius can provide modular solutions for both batch and intensified processing. Versatile process chromatography systems and fully automated, scalable columns combine with resins and membrane adsorbers to address purification needs in mAb and recombinant protein processing, in vaccine production, in the blood & plasma industry and for vectors in gene therapy.

chromatography membranes and chromatography resins for downstream processes

Chromatography Consumables

An evaluation of chromatography technologies requires multiple layers of decision-making. Based on the characteristics of the molecule you’re isolating and purifying, there are questions about the most suitable method, or chemistry, and the most suitable format for the stationary phase.

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chromatography columns

Chromatography Columns

Well executed column-packing creates efficient, reproducible, and well-performing packed beds, which are important to ensure robustness and safety for the final product. Our portfolio contains a wide range of empty and pre-packed columns offering flexibility and scalability from pilot to commercial scale. Sartorius offers: 

  • Established and well adopted automated pack-in-place technology that provides scalable columns and systems 
  • Automated Resolute columns 

Increase your chromatography performance and significantly decrease costs with flexible chromatography columns, packing systems, and control hardware. 

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Chromatography Systems

The updated Sartorius chromatography systems portfolio supports the full spectrum of customer needs from batch processing to continuous chromatography. Available in stainless steel or single-use with the ability to meet specific customer requirements with either a standard platform or custom designs, Sartorius offers flexible chromatography systems from pilot to commercial scale. 

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Explore Our New Chromatography Equipment Solutions

Modular and customizable, our high-performance and low-pressure chromatography equipment can integrate seamlessly into any process.

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Webinar on Sartorius End-to-End, Single-Use Downstream Solution

Learn how Sartorius' new, single-use technologies meet the growing demands of clinical and commercial biopharmaceutical environments.

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How do Sample Properties Affect Your Chromatography Process?

Discover How the Features of Your Biomolecule Will Shape Your Downstream Purification Strategy.

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