Chromatography Columns  

Columns play a central role in the performance of chromatographic process. Well-packed columns with consistent performance in the whole design space of a process will deliver consistent product recovery and separation from contaminants. Proper design of columns delivers increased resolution between peaks facilitates the packing process of multiple resin types at different bed heights, and provides scalability from process development to full-scale manufacturing.

Pre-Packed Columns

Rapid screening of chromatographic conditions is necessary to identify the best purification conditions. Scouting of conditions can be achieved on lab scale chromatography systems or automated robotic systems. PRC Pre-Packed Columns and Robo Columns for Screening are robust tools for quick purification development. Both products come pre-packed with ion exchange, mixed mode and affinity chromatographic materials.

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Automated Columns

Key column preparation operations, particularly packing, are regarded as high-risk clean room events. These risks include human error, packing failure, and absence of experienced operators; they can result in plant downtime, loss of product or sorbent and inefficient use of resources. The Resolute Linear with AutoPak software was developed in direct response to this industry need for packing consistency by fully automated operations.

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Manual Columns

Process development and manufacturing may have to deal with a variety of resins ranging from small to large particles, from narrow to wide distribution of particle size and from soft to rigid, perhaps even brittle particles. Manual columns in combination with a packing station provide an economic toolbox for column packing and the capacity to develop and optimize column packing as required for individual processes and the flexibility.

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