Preparative HPLC Chromatography Systems

From Clinical to Commercial Manufacturing

As the drug pipelines become more diverse with complex and multiple products, these drive new manufacturing requirements. For instance,

  • Complex molecules like oligonucleotides drive the need for high temperature processes
  • Multiproduct facilities require flexible and easy to clean equipment
  • Smaller batch sizes require compact equipment

The Hipersep® Flowdrive Platform is a family of preparative HPLC systems designed for the purification of peptides, oligonucleotides, insulin and other small molecules.

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Hipersep® Flowdrive Platform

Find the Right Preparative HPLC System

The Hipersep® Flowdrive Platform offers highly sophisticated, easy-to-use equipment with a unique, compact design controlled by the Hipersep® SC software.

  • High flexibility of configuration
  • Sanitary configuration and design
  • Compact & ergonomic design
  • Large flowrate range
  • Fully automated system

Hipersep® Flowdrive Pilot

Hipersep® Flowdrive Process M

Hipersep® Flowdrive L

Hipersep® Flowdrive XLHipersep® Flowdrive XXL


Clinical Manufacturing

Clinical / Commercial Manufacturing

Clinical / Commercial Manufacturing

Commercial Manufacturing

Commercial Manufacturing

Flow Rate Range

6-90 L/hr

60-500 L/hr or
20-200 L/hr (Low Flow Version)

300-1000 L/hr

500-1600 L/hr

1000-2500 L/hr

Max Pressure

100 bars

100 bars

100 bars

100 bars

70 bars

Typical Column Diameter

50/80/110/150 mm

110/150/200/300/450 mm

450/590 mm

590/800 mm

800/1000 mm

Certification and Explosion Proof

CE certification with optional ATEX Zone 2
UL certification with optional Class I Division 2

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Hipersep® Flowdrive Pilot

The Hipersep® Flowdrive Pilot is a modular, compact and ergonomic system designed to minimize cross-contamination risk.

  • Build in flexibility with over 1,000 possible configurations that integrate with columns from 50 to 150 mm ID
  • Minimize risk of cross contamination with a sanitary, easy-to-clean concept
  • Save facility space with a compact and ergonomic design

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Hipersep® Flowdrive Process M

The Hipersep® Flowdrive Process M is an innovative system with a pressure capacity of up to 100 bars and is compatible with high-temperature purification processes (up to 85°C), allowing for unmatched performance levels while meeting the stringent requirements of new pharmaceutical applications such as oligonucleotides.

  • Achieve guaranteed and repeatable performance
  • Obtain scale-up flexibility
  • Get fast and easy cleaning validation

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Hipersep® Varicol: Multi-Column and Continuous HPLC

The Hipersep® Varicol is a multi-column, continuous chromatography concept particularly well-suited to large-scale separation of binary mixtures (e.g., enantiomers) and fractionation of other complex mixtures. This technology is designed to adapt seamlessly to users’ specific process requirements with guaranteed and repeatable performance.

  • Achieve a robust continuous process
  • Build a cost-effective and highly productive process
  • Recycle up to 99.97% of solvent at commercial scale

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Hipersep® Prochrom HPLC Chromatography Columns

Our columns meet high design standards, thus ensuring efficiency and scalability. DAC technology enables reproducibility and robustness over time.

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Learn How to Leverage HPLC Across Multiple Modalities

Contribution of preparative HPLC in manufacturing, from small molecules to biologics

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