Chromatography Systems

The needs and requirements for an efficient chromatography system varies based on the type of facility, the process requirements and the demand for robustness and flexibility. This translates to each customer’s requirements being unique. Sartorius offers a wide portfolio of chromatography systems that can be used out-of-the-box or customized to fit your unique process requirements. Our comprehensive portfolio covers solutions from stainless steel to industry preferred single-use systems that support both batch and continuous chromatography. With the added convenience of consumables and service offered by us, our chromatography is a reliable and preferred choice for customers seeking a high-performance downstream purification solution.


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Multi-Use Batch Chromatography Systems

To maximize facility and asset utilization while minimizing costs, operational risks or potential supply failures must be avoided. Fully automated platforms with proven scalability, accompanied by extensive service options can reduce process cost for large scale manufacturing facilities.

Resolute® Flowdrive MUs offer reliable standard and customized stainless-steel based solutions, drainable flow path, with or without steaming in place. High precision sensors allow for wide operational flow rates and in-line dilution options.

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Single-Use Batch Chromatography Systems

Single-Use chromatography systems from Sartorius in combination with resolute columns and membrane adsorbers provide unparalleled flexibility for multi-product manufacturing at pilot/ clinical scale.

In addition, our chromatography portfolio includes mixed-mode resins and membrane adsorbers that enable stepwise intensification to meet industry needs for higher process efficiency. Sartorius enables you to conveniently scale from process development scale to clinical processing with industry-accepted single-use chromatography technologies (both hardware and consumables).

Our global Integrated Solutions team (INSO) will review your specific process needs before proposing a solution that exactly meets all the process requirements. This solution could include our standard platform design for the Resolute®️ Flowdrive SU chromatography system, along with standard totes and mixers or it might lead to the creation of a custom design. A custom design would retain the core components that have already been validated for use in the Resolute®️ Flowdrive SU.

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Intensified and Continuous Chromatography

Reducing downstream bottlenecks while increasing productivity and flexibility are major drivers for process intensification. Intensification of chromatography steps is often the first step as it is relatively easier to implement and has the highest impact with additional benefits such as reduction of resin and buffer volumes. We offer several strategies and solutions for intensifying chromatography steps to fit your own unique process needs, that can be applied to both a downstream batch and a downstream continuous process.

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HPLC Chromatography Systems

High-Performance Chromatography systems offering highly sophisticated, easy-to-use equipment with a unique, compact design.

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