Webinar | Intensified & Connected mAbs Processing for Robust Manufacturing

In this webinar, Abijar Bhori from Enzene Biosciences and Sanket Jadhav from Sartorius discuss how implementing connected mAb processing can enhance your manufacturing. Join to learn more about connected processing and see an example of how it can be applied to your operations. 

Key Learning Objectives

  1.  What is connected processing, what are the benefits, and what your options are 
  2.  How you can run four-unit operations on Resolute® BioSC systems 
  3.  Benefits to productivity and ease of manufacturing with Sartobind® & CMM Hypercell resins

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Meet Our Experts:

Sanket Jadhav

External Collaboration Manager

Sanket Jadhav is an External Collaborations Manager at Sartorius in the Separations Technology Team. In this role, he handles various customer collaborations as a technical lead and project manager, focusing on developing and scaling up intensified processes. Sanket has 11 years of experience in the biopharmaceutical industry in process development, process engineering, technology transfer, process intensification, facility design, and business development. Before joining Sartorius in 2021, Sanket worked for Propharma Group, Netherlands, where he consulted on process engineering projects. He holds a master’s degree in bioprocess technology from ICT, India and a PhD in chemical engineering from Curtin University, Australia. 

Abijar Bhori

Purification Process Development and Drug Product Development at Enzene Biosciences Ltd.

Abijar is currently heading Purification Process Development and Drug Product Development functions at Enzene Biosciences Ltd., India (a fully owned subsidiary of Alkem Laboratories Ltd.). Abijar has been associated with Enzene for around 7 years and has 20 years of experience in therapeutic product development and CDMO projects. Abijar has extensive experience developing purification processes for small molecules and large biomolecules, process characterization, continuous process development for monoclonal antibodies and novel molecules, scaling, technology transfer, non-infringing formulation development, and device development. He holds a master’s of science in bioprocess technology from the Institute of Chemical Technology (formerly UDCT), Mumbai