Resolute® BioSMB Platform

Single-Use Multi-Column Chromatography from Process Development to Manufacturing

For manufacturers seeking lower production costs for process development, clinical and commercial processing, Multi-Column Chromatography (MCC) using Resolute® BioSMB can reduce resin usage by up to 80% with minimal disruption to the accepted ways of doing chromatography today. This presents a considerable saving on operational expenditure, particularly when considering affinity capture steps. 

Up to 80% reduction in resin volumes and costs

Multi-column chromatography system improves resin utilization and reduces resin quantities, decreasing overall manufacturing costs

Reduced buffer consumption

MCC enables up to 2x reduction in buffer consumption

Scalable single-use platform

Enables single-use scale-up and uses the same valve technology, recipes and flowpath configuration for PD and process systems

Resolute® BioSMB Platform for Both Batch and Continuous Processes

Resolute® BioSMB platform is a family of chromatography systems designed to purify biologics from process development to commercial manufacturing scale. Resolute® BioSMB is versatile and can be deployed as part of a traditional batch process or a continuous downstream process.

Resolute® BioSMB  PDResolute® BioSMB 80

Resolute® BioSMB 350


Process Development

Clinical | Commercial Manufacturing

Clinical | Commercial Manufacturing

Number of Column Positions

1 to 16

1 to 8

1 to 8

Flow Rate Range

1 mm cassette: up to 50 mL/min
3 mm cassette: up to 100 mL/min

5-80 L/hr (83-1300 mL/min)

30-350 L/hr (500– 5800 mL/min)


Process development

Typically for perfusion-based or smaller processes up to 500 L bioreactor

Typically for larger processes up to 2000 L bioreactor

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Learn More About Resolute® BioSMB Systems

Virtual Demo of the Resolute® BioSMB PD System

To learn about the ease of installation, set-up, and main features of the Resolute® BioSMB PD system, watch this video.

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Virtual Demo of the Resolute® BioSMB 80 | 350 System

To learn how the Resolute® BioSMB platform can be easily scaled up from early-stage process development through clinical manufacture and beyond, watch this video.

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Simplify the Management and Analysis of Resolute® BioSMB PD Data

With our Resolute® BioSMB Data Analysis and Reporting software, users can speed up processing large volumes of Resolute® BioSMB PD data utilizing a user-friendly interface. This software is designed to:

  • Perform a wide range of chromatography calculations on both peaks and transitions
  • View and analyze historical Resolute® BioSMB PD results rapidly
  • Visualize Resolute® BioSMB PD data from multiple cycles or runs

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Traditional Batch vs Multi-Column Chromatography

Continuous Multi-Column Chromatography: Better Than Batch Chromatography

In traditional single-column batch chromatography, there are inherent limitations because the system rarely uses the full capacity of the stationary phase during loading. In multi-column chromatography, the large column is split into a number of smaller columns that can be processed individually, eliminating idle zones. In addition, the flexible valve configuration allows breakthrough of the product stream to a secondary column, which allows the full capacity of the column to be used through overloading, leading to improved process efficiency with increased resin capacity utilization. 

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How to Debottleneck Downstream using Multi-Column Chromatography

Making the switch from single batch to multi-column chromatography can dramatically reduce resin volumes, reducing costs and eliminating bottlenecks without sacrificing quality. This animated feature compares the traditional, single column batch approach to a multi-column alternative for mAb capture.


The Medicine Maker Webinar: Downstream Process Intensification

Join Sartorius as we explore solutions for downstream process intensification. Our experts will discuss key technologies such as chromatography.

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Achieve 3-5x Higher Productivity in 5 Days or Less

The switch from batch to multi-column chromatography has long been a costly and time-consuming process. The BioSMB platform changes the game.

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Increase Throughput 6X with Multi-Column Chromatography

Explore how Resolute® BioSMB multi-column chromatography overcomes the limitations of batch chromatography and leads to sixfold gains in throughput.

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Case Study

Protein A Resin Reduction Achieved with Transfer to Resolute® BioSMB

Read how Sanofi went from a batch to a MCC process, scaled up to continuous perfusion, and gained productivity while cutting resin use.

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Success Story

Resolute® BioSMB Increased Productivity at mAB Capture Step

A CDMO transformed their production capabilities after adopting the BioSMB process. Read how it lowered costs and increased productivity.

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White Paper

Moving to Multi-Column Chromatography: A Beginner’s Guide

This white paper introduces multi-column chromatography, describes its advantages over batch chromatography, and provides a step-by-step guide to tran...

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Case Study

Merck Process Transfer and Scale-Up of Batch Protein A Chromatography to Resolute® BioSMB Multi-Column Platform

PDF | 577.3 KB

(Re)Defining Process Intensification

PDF | 343.7 KB
Application Note

Resolute® BioSMB 80/350 System - Scale-up of Multi-Column Chromatography

PDF | 469.8 KB

Resolute® In with the New: Embracing Multicolumn Chromatography

PDF | 595.7 KB

Multi-Column-Chromatography Process Modelling for Process Performance Prediction

PDF | 233.8 KB

Simplify Adoption: Your First Week of Resolute® BioSMB

PDF | 522.4 KB

Resolute® BioSMB PD System - Continuous Single-Use, Multicolumn Chromatography

PDF | 408.3 KB

Resolute® BioSMB Data Analysis Software

PDF | 302.0 KB

Resolute® BioSMB 80 & 350 System

PDF | 526.4 KB

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Consult Our Experts

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