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Our outstanding track record in the pharma/biotech sector puts us in a prime position to fully support the food biotech industry. In particular our product range is 100% applicable to food products where there is a focus on proteins, colorants, additives and aromas and, indeed, where microorganisms and mammalian cells are key – for instance, cultured meat. The solutions required, including data analytics software, are pretty much equivalent to those needed for drugs and vaccines. We are the only supplier that can truly call ourselves a ‘one-stop shop’ for this rapidly developing and highly competitive market.

In addition, a recent acquisition makes us leaders in protein purification for the baby food market. A one-stop shop, with the scrupulously high standards and regulatory knowledge gained from the pharma/biopharma industry, is not so much a luxury as a necessity. It’s a race. Time to market and optimization are both vital. Sartorius will get you there not only faster but also more cost-effectively.

  • Expertise in the cultivation and purification technology required for microorganisms and mammalian cell cultures
  • Data analytics software to ensure optimum processes and actionable insights
  • A complete range of single-use containers and consumables
  • Leaders in protein purification

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Complete Scalable Bioreactor Platform From Strain & Process Development to Commercial Manufacturing

Fermentation in the Food and Beverage industry comes with its own set of challenges: strain development, sterility, feeding strategy, process control optimization. All of these require precision and constant supervision. Sartorius’ unique technologies offer solutions for all of them. Our experience, our range of products and our new developments for your processes will help you achieve a faster time to market, better yields and lower costs of production.

Our range of fermenters and bioreactors have been used to great effect for microbial applications (animal, bacterial and fungal cell culture) and the production of enzymes, probiotics, sweeteners, additives (vitamins, amino acids), cultured foods (meats, seafood), dairy products (proteins) and beverages.

We support you with a fully scalable range of single or multi-use bioreactor solutions. The array of automated multi-parallel mini bioreactors and classic benchtop bioreactors supports fast and reliable development and characterization of your processes throughout all phases. Seamless transfer to pilot and production scale bioreactors are ensured by our thorough understanding of bioreactor design and scale-up principles, well-thought-out automation concepts and harmonized control strategies for oxygen, pH, temperature and feed addition. Our bioreactors can be used in batch, fed-batch and continuous processes.

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Related Fermentation Products

All of Sartorius’ products have excellent product integration offering solutions to every customer’s needs (sensors, data analytics etc.)

Ambr® 15 Cell Culture

Ambr® 15 Cell Culture is a high throughput, automated bioreactor system for 24 or 48 parallel cultivations at the 10 –15 mL microbioreactor scale.

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Ambr® 250 HT & Modular System

Ambr is Sartorius’ revolutionary answer to process development. Its automation allows fast, reproducible results with unmatched yields and precision.

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Biostat® STR

Biostat® STR bioreactors and Flexsafe® STR bags range from 12.5L to 2000L working volume and can help you achieve outstanding speed, quality, and flex...

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Sartorius Biostat® B Benchtop Bioreactor

Biostat® B

Entry-level single or multi-use bioreactors / fermenters designed for easy control of cell growth and fermentation at lower volumes.

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Biostat® B-DCU

Entry-level single or multi-use bioreactors / fermenters designed for easy control of cell growth and fermentation at lower volumes.

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Biostat® Cplus

Stainless steel multi-use reactors designed to allow an easy scale-up of production with larger volumes and excellent product safety.

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Biostat® D-DCU

Stainless steel multi-use reactors designed to allow an easy scale-up of production with larger volumes and excellent product safety

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Introducing Ambr® 15 Cell Culture Generation 2

This short animation details the new features of the Ambr® 15 Cell Culture Generation 2 system to facilitate improved clone selection, media and feed optimization and other early process development studies for a wide range of cell lines and applications.


Cell Culture Media and Buffers in Food and Beverage

Development of powerful cell culture media and feed strategies have dramatically changed the way culture meat and milk are produced. 50 years of culture media experience backed by 150 years of pharma industry innovations have led Sartorius to long-term relationships with dual sourced raw material suppliers which guarantees supply, quality and excellent regulatory support for all of your projects.

We support our customers with the manufacture of their proprietary media formulations, either in liquid or powder format. Sartorius will follow the clients requested parameters and project scope. We offer customized packaging, media & buffer formats, and release assays.

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Data Analytics Optimum Processes

Our well-established Data Analytics Software with advanced multivariate methods, ready to be integrated in your existing processes, has been shown to significantly improve production processes in pharma, biopharma and process industries such as food and beverages, paper and pulp and chemicals. Enabling the adoption of advanced Model Predictive Control (MPC) as processing becomes more flexible, autonomous, and scalable. Features include analytics and sensors for data capture plus real time monitoring and control.

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Features include analytics and sensors for data capture plus real time monitoring and control.

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Many products often associated with bioprocessing have long been used in the F&B industry, for example, chromatography for purification of milk and whey proteins, and TFF for processing of beer, wine and juices. Even microcarriers, used for culturing of adherent cells, have found their way to the cutting edge of food technology, for the expansion of bovine myocytes for cultured meat production.


Large-Scale Purification of Lactoferrin and Lactoperoxidase

The macroporous cation exchanger SPEC 70 SLS is an acrylic polymer resin with 260-600 µm particles, allowing efficient mass transfer and high capacity for macromolecules at excellent flow rates and low back pressure.
The hydrophilic resin avoids non-specific interactions and offers high microbial resistance. SPEC 70 SLS has been widely used for the production of lactoferrin and lactoperoxidase from milk or sweet whey at 1,500 – 2,000 L scale for more than 20 years and is approved by the FDA for the use with a Food Contact Substance (Food Contact Notification (FCN) number: 000325).

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Product Datasheet

Synthetic Ion Exchange

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Venting Filters for Food and Beverage Applications

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Food Quality Control: Tips and Tricks for Your Lab

There are a lot of steps that can optimize your food workflow process in your lab. Get to know these great tips and tricks today.

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