Solutions for Production and Quality Control in Your Brewery

Historically speaking, beer is probably one of the oldest beverages on record, brewed all over the world even by ancient civilizations. Of course a lot has changed in terms of the brewing processes, equipment, technology and the quality of raw materials, but in essence those are the same: water, malt, hops and yeast. The secret lies in the recipe and combination of these simple ingredients which makes every beer unique in style, aroma and taste.

Hard seltzer is a 21st century invention, rapidly increasing in popularity. With a low calorie-count and reduced alcohol content, hard seltzers appeal to health-conscious men and women of all ages. Developing the right taste profile can be a challenge, and there are many different production strategies depending on the requirements of the finished product, but in general a neutral alcohol base is produced from a sugar-based fermentation, then flavoured with fruit or other aromatics.
Whether you are producing beer or hard seltzer, your production process is key to preserving the unique balance of flavor, texture, mouth sensation, purity and freshness of your beverage, from bottle to bottle or keg to keg. To achieve the high standards you strive for, you need reliable and consistent solutions, tools and technologies to address applications such as:

  • Filtration  
  • Quality control of raw materials such as water, hops or malt, fruit, sugar, yeast
  • Removal of spoilage microorganisms
  • Sterile filtration of air and gas
  • Clarification, decolorization and sterilization before bottling
  • Data Analytics

Sartorius offers production and quality control (QC) solutions and technologies to help you meet your high standards for brewing your beer or hard seltzer.

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Quality Control: Efficient Quality Control Solutions for the Best of Brews

Safety first. Whatever style of beer you brew, whether on an industrial or craft scale, you cannot afford to compromise on quality. Sartorius helps you meet the industry’s growing challenges with smart, tailor-made quality control solutions for routine testing along the entire production process. Easy-to-use, up-to-date, ready-to -go. We keep your business flowing.

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Production: Filtration systems that ensure quality beer and maximise production

From large scale to microbreweries, with beer or hard seltzer, the aim is the same. A pure beverage that retains its distinctive taste characteristics. Our high-specification, expert-designed filtration product range helps achieve this aim and is proven in the field to reduce maturation times and maintain flavor profiles, thereby maximizing production and reducing costs. Enhance your own beverage-manufacturing expertise with partners who match your enthusiasm. 

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Product Highlights

Jumbo Star Sartopure® PP filters

Jumbo Star Sartopure® PP2 5 μm has proved an excellent filtration system for beer after the conditioning phase, maximizing production yield.

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Nutrient Pad Sets (NPSs)

An attractive alternative to agar plates.

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Workflow poster Beverage QC: Beer Process


Tips and Tricks for Brewery Operations and Beer Quality Control

This webinar is a combined presentation of two experts from Sartorius with over 20 years of experience in the brewing industry.

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Article - The Trick(s) to Brewing Quality Beer: A Microbiology Perspec...

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Improving Your Beverage Quality Control Process

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Get the Best Out of Your Quality Control - Beverage Testing Smart and Simple Solutions for Quality Control from Start to Finish

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Filtration Solutions - For Food and Beverage Applications Only

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Beer Workflow for Solutions in Your Quality Control and Production

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Beer Workflow for Solutions in Your Production

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Beer Brewing: Tips and Tricks for Your Brewery Operation

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Tips and Tricks for Beer Filtration

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Nutrient Pad Sets Poster NPSNutrient Pad Sets Poster NPS

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Webinar: Time Saving in Microbiological QC Testing of Liquid Samp...

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