The Biostat STR® Generation 3 with Biobrain® Automation Platform

Engineered for Ultimate Upstream Performance

Biostat STR® single-use bioreactors and the Biobrain® automation platform offer multiple configurations and convenient software upgrades to quickly adapt facilities as requirements change. The Generation 3 system is now available with integrated Repligen XCell ATF® Technology for intensified processes and access to our best-in-class BioPAT® toolbox. Biostat STR® bioreactors and Flexsafe STR® bags range from 50 L to 2,000 L and can enhance speed, quality, and flexibility in process development and commercial manufacturing operations.

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Scalability from benchtop to production scale through conventional design & geometric similarity with working volume range from 12.5 L to 2,000 L.


Achieve superior cell viability, cell density and increased product purity and lower the risk of batch loss or inconsistencies.


One system provides all the flexibility needed for numerous modalities, from mAbs and biosimilars to pDNA, mRNA, and vaccines.

Collaborating for Customer Success in Process Intensification

Biostat STR®️ Generation 3 with integrated Repligen XCell® ATF Technology

The Biostat STR®️ Generation 3 single-use bioreactors are engineered for ultimate upstream performance. Available with integrated Repligen XCell® ATF Technology for intensified processes, the system simplifies process set-up and operation while eliminating the need for separate control hardware.

Biostat STR® Solutions by Scale


Process Development

Empowered rapid product development and seamless scaling to commercial manufacturing with Biostat STR®.

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Commercial Manufacturing

Outstanding speed, quality, productivity, and seamless integration into existing automation infrastructure with Biostat STR®.

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Modular Seed Train Powered by Biobrain®

Build a Fully Flexible, Modular Seed Train

The Biostat STR® Generation 3 systems serve all process strategies, from classical batch to intensified processes, and cover all stages of the seed train up to the final production bioreactor with a working volume range from 12.5 L to 2,000 L.  

  • Build maximum flexibility into your facility through a modular design with an interchangeable bag holder
  • Experience the power of process intensification through integrated Repligen XCell ATF® Technology in the Biostat STR® as a seed bioreactor
  • Expand your seed train capabilities with the exclusive Biostat® RM 200 rocking motion bioreactor and patented Flexsafe® RM perfusion bags

Transfer with Confidence

The Biostat STR® 3 enables seamless scaling from Ambr® 250 up to 2,000 L based on conserved geometry and supported by BioPAT® Process Insights software.  

  • Benefit from a conventional stirred-tank design with conserved geometry between bioreactor families from 250 mL to 2,000 L
  • Facilitate scaling with BioPAT® Process Insights a multi-parameter software tool for a fast and confident transition from PD to production
  • Ensure a smooth tech transfer to manufacturing with the GMP-compliant Biobrain® automation system

Flexsafe STR® bags

Get your Flexsafe STR® bags in time for your next run.

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Learn More About Biostat STR® Gen 3

FAQs - Biostat STR® Generation 3

Bioreactor bags are the single-use equivalent to stainless steel vessels - the actual chamber where the cell culture is placed. They are ususally provided sterile and ready to use following installation in the bag holder. A bioreactor bag is typically  equipped with all necessary connections and lines for gassing, media feeds and sampling. Sensor probes for process analytical technologies can either be inserted through specific ports or are directly included in the bag assembly as single-use sensors. 

As bioreactor bags are made from plastic, careful considerations of extractable and leachables (E&L) are needed. Sartorius has full control of its propietary range of Flexsafe film material from resin formulation up to bioreactor bag assembly and can thus provide consistent quality and comprehensive E&L data.

Single-use bioreactors are available in a range of volumes, starting as low as 10 mL of working volume up to several thousand liter capacity. Thus, single-use bioreactors can be used in all applications from research to process development, pilot and clinical scale and ultimately, commercial manufacturing. 

STR stands for stirred-tank reactor. It describes a bioreactor type where mixing is achieved through a central stirrer element inside the culture vessel. STR type bioreactors are available as stainless steel and single-use equipment. They are well known for excellent scalability, as constant height to diameter ratios and vessel diameter to impeller diameter ratios can be achieved. 

We at Sartorius often refer to our Biostat STR® single-use bioreactors as STR, because these bring all the benefits of traditional stirred-tank reactors in a user friendly single-use system.


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See the Unrivaled Modular Seed Train for Process Intensification

Discover the unrivaled modular, perfusion-enabled seed train concept featuring the Biostat® RM and a seamless seed transfer t...

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