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We understand your processes and work with you to identify the correct filter no matter what scale, size, or temperature. Our broad range of products deliver peace of mind and allow you to choose the right filter for all scales in single-use and conventional processes.

Highest Venting Performance with Sartopore® Air

Our new hydrophobic PES membrane is the ideal choice for sterile venting of your single-use systems, clearly outperforming all PVDF filters in this fi...

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Midisart® Small-scale Venting Filters

The Most Popular: Midisart® filters offer a choice of different variants that provide optimal solutions for every application. Individually integrity-...

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Trustworthy Results with Sartofluor®

The Sartofluor® filter utilizes a single-layer PTFE membrane which ensures validated sterility and robust integrity testing. Sartofluor® delivers opti...

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Uncompromised Air Flow Rate with Sartopure® GA

Push it to the Limit: Highly efficient particle removal from air streams with outstanding flow rates of nearly 40 m³/h at a differential pressure of o...

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Everything for Your Setup

Flexible & Customized - Filter Transfer Sets

Use our pre-sterilized filter assemblies consisting of air & gas filters, pre-connected tubing and aseptic connectors for sterile connection to yo...

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Housings and Accessories

The perfect home for your air & gas filters. Individual configured housings and specified accessories.

Air Filter Housings

Venting Filter Housings

Removable Heaters

Extractables and Leachables Testing

Ensuring Safe Adoption of Single-Use Systems in Biopharmaceuticals.

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Sartofluor® Air Filters: In Stock and Ready to Move

Sartofluor® air filters are especially suited to demanding venting applications with high volume gas streams, extreme humidity, and stringent Steam-In-Place regimes. The hydrophobic PTFE membranes and further components used in Sartofluor® filters offer reliability, process security, and long service life.

  • Ensuring Validated sterility and maximum flow rates for an optimal performance-to-cost ratio
  • Wide range of high-quality air filters for various applications and connections
  • Ready to ship from stock

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Sartofluor® - Cartridges GA, Cartridges LG, Mini Cartridges, Junior, Maxicaps®, Midicaps® & Capsules

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Sartofluor® PTFE Filter Cartridges

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