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Cell Harvesting

Fast, Predictable, Robust

Combine biomass removal with contaminant clearance in the first purification step with new predictable single-use technologies. Early removal from contaminants such as DNA enables a lean downstream process train.

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Robust & Scalable Single-Use Centrifugation with Ksep® Systems

You are working with cell densities higher than 40 million cells per mL or need a fully closed system? Our Ksep® single-use centrifugation systems are the solution for you. The centrifuge guarantees constant cell viability due to low shear and allows for real continuous processing.

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Sartoclear® Depth Filters: Always the Best Solution for Your Harvest

Sartoclear® filters are cellulose-based depth filters developed for demanding clarification applications in the biotechnological and pharmaceutical industries. The wide range of grades offers a solution for a variety of applications such as post centrifuge filtrations, perfusion processes, and direct harvests with moderate cell densities.

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Sartopure® Synthethic Depth Filters

Reach unmatched turbidity reduction: Sartopure® utilizes unique polypropylene or highly absorbtive glass fiber fleece materials for small scale harves...

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Cell Clarification in Crossflow Mode

Save time and clear your fermentation broth with reliable Hydrosart® microfiltration (MF) cassettes. Our fully scalable Hydrosart® MF cassettes secure...

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Simplified mAb Sample Prep for CQA Analysis

StreamLink® CC 15 is the first automated screening system that can clarify and purify in a single step, delivering samples in hours instead of days.

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Sartorius End-to-End – Single-Use Downstream Solutions

Learn how Sartorius’ new single-use technologies meet the growing demands of clinical commercial biopharmaceutical environments.

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Laboratory Weighing Services

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Trust our comprehensive range of services for your Bioprocess: We gladly assist you with tasks like system installation, process optimization and many...

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