Multi-Parallel Technology

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Multi-Parallel Bioreactors

Enabling Cell Line Selection, Process Characterization and Process Optimization in a Quick and Efficient Way

Comparing cultures in identically-sized, multi-parallel bioreactors allow scientists to find out more process information in a shorter timeline. Multiple experiments can be set up to evaluate different culture strains and the effect of process parameters, such as temperature, feeding, media composition, gassing rates and inoculation densities.

The industry-leading range of Ambr® multi-parallel bioreactors has been developed to take you through the early steps of your upstream process from cell or strain selection, through to process optimization. The technology ensures optimum scalability of your processes, as the design of the bioreactors means that functionality translates well into systems such as the Biostat STR® 2000 and larger.


Intensify Upstream Processes and Reproduce at Scale with Ambr®

Find out why so many are turning to the Ambr® 15 and 250 to fast-track the screening and development of intensified cell culture processes.

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High Throughput Bioprocess Development

Kistler, Pollard, Lee, Streefland (2016) Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News (Vol. 36, No. 7) Apr 2016

Bioprocess engineers are achieving better process understanding and more optimal cell culture conditions by using high throughput scale-down methods and design of experiment (DOE) approaches.

This bioprocessing tutorial explains how process development scientists can use the Ambr® 250 automated bioreactor system to screen a wide process design space while minimizing resources and materials.

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Ambr® Bibliographies

The bibliographies for Ambr® 15 and Ambr® 250 systems provide references to interesting journal articles, webinars, conference and poster presentations about the Ambr® systems.

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Integrated Cell Culture Analyzers - Ambr® 15 Cell Culture and Ambr® 250 High Throughput

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Evaluating Integrated Analytics for Single-use Mini Bioreactors

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