Fill-It: Production of High-Quality Cell Banks

Automated Cryovial Filling System for Cell Banking and Strain Banking applications 

The rapid aseptic preparation of cryovials is vital for the generation of high-quality cell banks. Automating the preparation of cultures in cryovials for storage within cell banks using Fill-It produces high quality and high viability material.

Fill-It offers improved consistency and shortens process times compared to manual processing, giving the potential to increase batch sizes for cell banking and dramatically reduce QC costs. It also reduces the dependence on operators to perform repetitive tasks, limiting health concerns such as RSI.

Fill-It fits within standard biological safety cabinets and is suitable for validation in GMP environments.

Increased batch sizes

Processes racks of 24, 48 or 96 cryovials allowing more vials to be filled in less time

Reduced QC costs

Cell banks can be prepared in a single batch rather than multiple batches limiting the number of QC tests required

Rapid set-up times

Sterile single-use tube set can be quickly installed and removed allowing different cell banking batches to be processed efficiently

Decreased risk of RSI

Automated rack transfer decaps, fills, and recaps entire racks of cryovials at the press of a button reducing the need for manual handling

Efficient Preparation of High-Quality Cell Banks in GMP Facilities

Fill-It helps create cell banks of higher quality, consistency, and viability by minimizing the time cells are in contact with cryopreservatives before freezing. The automated transfer carriage allows cryovials to be decapped, accurately filled, and recapped quickly. Operator interactions with the system are limited and reduce the likelihood of injuries due to the repetitive manipulations needed to manually process large batches cryovials.

Fill-It enables:

  • Larger batches to be processes in comparison to manual cell banking activities
  • Reduces QC costs as cell banks can be created in one batch rather than multiple batches
  • Improved lab productivity by increasing the efficiency of cryovial preparation banking and reducing the likelihood of human error

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Fill-It, Automated GMP Cell and Strain Banking System

PDF | 1.4 MB

Fill-It, Consumables, Accessories and Tube Compatibility Guide

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Technical Note


PDF | 865.4 KB

Evaluation and Commissioning of an Automated Cryovial Dispensing System in a GMP Cell Culture Facility

PDF | 2.7 MB

Facilitating Production of Cell Banks Using an Automated Cryovial Dispenser

PDF | 3.5 MB

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