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Modern single-use biomanufacturing involves many manual connections to maintain a closed fluid path across process steps. Sartorius' proven connection portfolio adds simplicity, flexibility and speed to any operation. These products provide consistent performance, thanks to robust designs coupled with maintenance and operator training services. Stringent validation protocols assure sterility.


Designed with the user in mind, Sartorius’ equipment reflects years of customer feedback and experience.


Sartorius has a diverse portfolio of connection components to meet customer needs.


Save time with thermal and mechanical connection technologies that streamline steps between drug development and manufacturing.

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Aseptic connection technology is critical to successful fluid transfer. Sartorius can aid in planning the connections between unit operations to ensure proper containment. A full line of connection technologies offer simplicity, flexibility and speed to suit process needs, streamline operations and protect valuable process fluids. 

Biowelder® TC Sterile Tube Welder 

Opta® SFT Aseptic Tube Connectors


Quick Couplers

Type of Connection





Maintains sterility in non-classified environments






1-4 mins

30 secs

1 min

< 30 secs

Typical Tubing material

TPE Only

TPE / Silicone (braided)

TPE / Silicone (braided)

TPE / Silicone / EVA

Process Flexibility

As needed with no pre-defined location

Pre-designed in single-use assembly

Pre-designed in single-use assembly

Pre-designed in single-use assembly

Cost per connection





Fluid contact materials




Polycarbonate / Polysulphone

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*Initial CAPEX is required

Biowelder® TC Sterile Tube Welder

Biowelder® Total Containment is a fully automated welder for sterile connection of thermoplastic tubing. This patented technology allows sterile connection of dry- or liquid- filled TPE tubing. The Biowelder® TC thermally welds tubing from 1/4" up to 1" OD for a stable aseptic connection.

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The Opta® Sterile Fluid Transfer (SFT)

Sartorius’ range of aseptic connectors allows fast and reliable connections for sterile fluid transfer between two separate, pre-sterilized process components in biopharmaceutical manufacturing operations. The gendered Opta® connectors determine the direction of process flow and eliminate operator connection errors.

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Sartorius Single-Use Connection Solutions

Maintain sterility with easier handling and build speed, flexibility and redundancy into your process with a broad range of tube sizes, material compatibilities, and interconnectivity between different sizes and materials.

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Success Story

How Large Pharma Used Connection Redundancies and Single-Use Systems to Streamline Production

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