Data Analytics in Food and Beverage

The applications of the Umetrics® Suite provide you with full control over your data in food & beverage development and production. Streamline your processes and accelerate your time to market with new products with this powerful software suite.

Product Development

Product development in food & beverage is a costly, time-consuming and risky task. Using the Umetrics® Suite you can accelerate time to market in new product development or enhance existing products. The Design of Experiments application MODDE® helps you create robust designs that are less sensitive to variations in raw material quality or properties.

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Product Optimization

Get the most out of your plant by optimizing production with the Umetrics® Suite. No matter whether you are looking at improvements in production yield, capacity utilization or increasing sustainability, modelling your process with SIMCA® will provide you with valuable information on the factors that have the highest influence on your goal.

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Process Control

Monitor and control your food & beverage manufacturing process with SIMCA®-online. This application’s functionality lets you see if your process is running regularly or is about to go out of permissible limits before any deviations are visible to the plant operator. The software also helps you to see and correct parameters that are out of range, also providing full process control and predictive maintenance as an option.

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MODDE® - Design of Experiments Solution

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SIMCA® - Turn Data Into Growth

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SIMCA®-online - Ensuring manufacturing success

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