Fluid Management

The Pioneer in Single-Use

With over 20 years of experience in manufacturing single-use solutions, we are your best partner for running your future manufacturing facilities. We partner with you and we provide the most reliable, economical and safest solutions for all your process steps and applications. You can fully benefit of our experience and the advantages of our single-use solutions to accelerate your time to market, improve your manufacturing flexibility and reduce your costs.

Assurance of Quality Supply

Assurance of Quality Supply (AoQS) is based on our global manufacturing network, with multiple sites located on four continents...

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Single-use Solutions and Quality Control

Adapted to Your Process and Application Cluster (PAC): Sartorius has been leading the industry for quality with a daily environmental monitoring of ou...

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Pre Designed Solutions (PDS)

Simpler, Safer, Faster and Cheaper Supply Chains: With the past customization, tens of thousands of single-use stock keeping units have been created....

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Manufacturing Network Optimization

For Best Delivery Performance and Assurance of Supply: With a market demand for single-use growing at double digit, we will double our ISO7 clean room...

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