Fluid Management

The Pioneer in Single-Use

With over 20 years of experience in manufacturing single-use solutions, we are your best partner for running your future manufacturing facilities. We partner with you and we provide the most reliable, economical and safest solutions for all your process steps and applications. You can fully benefit of our experience and the advantages of our single-use solutions to accelerate your time to market, improve your manufacturing flexibility and reduce your costs.

Fluid Management at a Glance

Frozen Storage & Shipping

Biopharmaceutical Cold Chain Management: end-to-end freezing platforms from qualified freezing containers, to freezers and shippers.

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Sterilized and ready-to-use single-use mixing solutions. Explore the Flexsafe® Pro Mixer for all mixing steps in cGMP Bioprocessing. 

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Liquid Storage & Shipping 

Reliable  liquid handling & shipping with Single-Use 2D and 3D Bags, complemented by Palletanks for safe and convenient bioprocessing.

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Aseptic Connections

Single-Use connection technologies offering simplicity, flexibility and help streamline operations to protect valuable process fluids.

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Aseptic Disconnections

Disconnect With Confidence - a complete portfolio of disconnection technologies for single-use systems and unit operations.

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Aseptic Sampling & Containers

Explore our complete line of solutions for sample collection or for transferring small volumes of fluids to storage.

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Final Filling

Single-use solutions for final filling to improve patient safety by reducing the risk of microbial ingress and product cross-contamination.

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Single-Use Tubing and Assemblies

Tubing assemblies for transfers between single-use and hybrid systems and between cleanroom or isolator walls.

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Single-Use Bioprocessing Capabilities

Product Qualified for Rapid Prototyping

Get a wide range of design options, a comprehensive assembly qualification database, and expert support. 

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Sartorius ProcessGo

Pre-engineered biomanufacturing solution for reducing time and complexity during process setup.

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Single-Use System Integrity (SUSI) Assurance

Sartorius offers additional supplier integrity testing performed at our manufacturing sites as well as point-of-use leak test at end-user’s site.

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Manufacturing Network Optimization

Secured supply is based on a region-for-region principle, keeping production as close as possible to end users’ locations.

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Bioprocess Consulting & Engineering

We provide a unique implementation methodology for your bioprocess using SU technologies and hybrid solutions for your type & scale of process.

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Instrument Service

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Bioreactors | Fermenters

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