Bioreactors & Fermenters

Complete Scalable Bioreactor Platform From Cell And Strain Line Development to Commercial Manufacturing

Sartorius supports every customer with a fully scalable and interchangeable range of single-use or glass and stainless steel bioreactor solutions. The array of automated multi-parallel mini bioreactors and classic benchtop bioreactors supports fast and reliable development and characterization of your processes throughout all phases. Seamless transfer to pilot and production scale bioreactors are ensured by Sartorius thorough understanding of bioreactor design and scale-up principles, well-thought-out automation concepts and harmonized control strategies for oxygen, pH, temperature and feed addition.


The Sartorius industry-leading range of bioreactors have automated hardware and software features that allow users to develop consistent and reliable operating protocols for all stages of development to manufacturing.


The bioreactors’ robustness along with integrated and readily available cell retention devices allow cultivation of cells at ultra-high densities - to intensify cell culture processing.


Ambr® and Biostat® provide an integrated allied suite of technologies which allow you to use Quality by Design (QbD) principles to gain predictive results and to scale up effectively.

Bioreactors & Fermenters at a Glance

Single-Use Bioreactors

Single-use bioreactors limit turn-around time and operational costs.

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Multi-Parallel Bioreactors

Comparing cultures in identically-sized, multi-parallel bioreactors allows scientists to find out more process information in a shorter timeline.

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Sartorius Biostat® B Benchtop Bioreactor

Benchtop Bioreactors

Find the ideal benchtop bioreactor for your academic, research and development tasks, process characterization and MSAT.

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Sartorius Biostat® D-DCU Stainless Steel Bioreactor

Stainless Steel Bioreactors

The Sterilization-In-Place bioreactor range comprises Biostat® Cplus and Biostat® D-DCU. Customized bioreactors can be offered on demand.

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Sartorius Microbial Bioreactor

Microbial Bioreactors

Discover the Sartorius portfolio of advanced bioreactors and analytical tools to meet the rapidly changing conditions of strain cultures.

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Sartorius Biostat® RM Cell Culture Bioreactor

Cell Culture Bioreactors

Advanced bioreactors expertly developed for many diverse cell culture applications.

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Rocking Motion Bioreactor

Single-use, wave-mixing bioreactors, with rocker platforms ranging from 1 L to our unique 200 L volume.

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Bioreactor Software for advanced statistical analysis

Software Apps for Bioreactors

These new applications will make advanced statistical analysis available for a wider range of users.

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Cell Culture Shake Flask

Integral tubing and a specially-designed gas exchange cartridge in the same cap closure for incubator cell growth and passage between flasks.

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FAQs - Bioreactors & Fermenters

Bioreactors can be separated into different types based on their material of construction, mechanism of mixing, working volume and overall purpose.

The most prominent disctintion is usually made between single-use and multi-use equipment. While for single-use bioreactors the disposable culture vessel is  made out of a plastic material, multi-use vessels are made from glass or stainless steel and require cleaning and sterilization between process runs.

A very common mechanism of mixing is via a central stirring element in the culture vessel. This stirred-tank design has long been the gold standard for stainless steel bioreactors and is still followed for most single-use bioreactor systems. However, wave-mixing, or rocking motion technology can be a good alternative for shear stress sensitive cell lines. Here, mixing of gasses and nutrients is achieved through a rocking motion of the bioreactor. 

As bioreactors can have working volumes as small as a few milliliter to up to several thousand liter, it is often differentiated between lab-scale, pilot scale and manufacturing scale bioreactor systems. A special subset of lab-scale bioreactors are multiparallel systems that allow multiple culture experiments to be run at the same time.

Finally, a distinction of bioreactor types is often made between mammalian cell culture and microbial culture bioreactors. Both cell types have very different requirements to their culture conditions, which is reflected in the design and configuration of specialized bioreactor systems. 

In Europe “fermentor” and “bioreactor” are synonyms. In the US however, the term “fermentor” is dedicated for microbial systems and “bioreactor” is used for animal cell cultivation systems. 

Overview Catalog: Upstream Processing Solutions from Research to Production

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Resources on Bioreactors and Fermentation

Interview with Gerben Zijlstra on New Tools for Intensified Bioprocessing, ESACT 2019

Continuous processing in biomanufacturing has the potential to increase production capacity, reduce costs and improve biopharmaceutical product quality. View this video to learn more about the tools Sartorius offers and the outstanding product portfolio.


Seed Train Process Intensification Strategy Offers Potential for Rapid, Cost-Effective Scale-Up of Biosimilars Manufacturing

PDF | 1.6 MB

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