Cell Line Development

Find your antibody - secreting clone - fast

Are you working with a hard-to-purify protein and looking to set up production in a dedicated cell line? Our cell handling and analysis tools will make it a seamless, efficient process.

Additionally, our in-house experts have a long track record of developing cell lines for expression of biologics, and many of these biologics have progressed to clinical trials.

Intellicyt iQue Screener Cy-Clone PLUS kit

Select your clones faster. Measure IgG secretion, cell number, and cell viability, and correlate these measurements all in one assay.

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Picus Nxt High-Accuracy Electronic Pipette

Upgrade your cell culture workflows with our password-protected, reliable, and lightweight pipette.

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Cellca Cell Line Development Platform

Cut early development timelines with Cellca’s CHO expression platform. We have built over 65 mammalian (CHO) cell lines to express biologics.

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