Ultimate solutions for your Ultrafiltration needs

Sartorius offers you many perfect solutions for your ultrafiltration needs

At Sartorius, we use science to manufacture sample concentration solutions for today's complex research needs. We invite you to examine our extensive portfolio of ultrafiltration devices, and technologies. Experience the design innovation, industry leading product quality, and the unrivaled ease of use of our products. All this will make Sartorius your perfect UF solution choice for your research.

Laboratory Ultrafiltration Selection Poster

Get guidance on how to Choose the Optimal Device & Method with our Selection Guide for proteins, viruses, DNA, polymers, nanoparticles, exosomes, etc.

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Patented Dead-Stop Ultrafiltration Devices

Stay safe with Vivaspin Ultrafiltration Family of concentrators

  • Highly flexible volume range (0.5 - 20 mL)
  • Wides choice of MWCO (2 kDa to 0.2uM µm) means ultimate size versatility
  • Fastest flow rates with our invention - the industry leading vertical membrane design

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Lab Ultrafiltration – Tips and Tricks

This guide will give you an overview of how to:

•    Desalt samples and exchange buffer in Vivaspin concentrators instead of lengthy overnight dialysis

•    Concentrate samples to a defined volume in Vivaspin 500, Vivaspin Turbo 4 and Vivaspin Turbo 15

•    Up to double the recovery of very dilute sample by blocking the ultrafiltration membrane prior to concentration

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What’s the best way to concentrate large sample volumes in one go?

How can you reduce protein degradation during concentration? 

What ultrafiltration method is best suited for virus concentration? 

Get the answers to these questions and more in our FAQs for Laboratory Ultrafiltration guide.

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Unrivalled industry leader in laboratory crossflow technology

Go with the flow! Experience the unique speed and economy of the Vivaflow system for larger volumes

  • Unrivalled flexibility and economy for a wide range of large sample volumes (0.1 L to 5 L) 
  • Multiple membrane choices
  • Available standalone or complete with pump and accessories

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The BEST of both worlds! Put your proteins under pressure or take them for a spin

Pressurization, centrifugation or both – with Vivacell ultrafiltration systems

  • Secure and ultrafast concentration through patented dead-stop technology & vertical membranes
  • Wide range of sample volumes (20 ml to 250 ml)
  • Highest performance, unmatched flexibility, and direct concentrate recovery

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Stand Still and Concentrate!

The most economic and user-friendly concentration technique available, Vivapore® Solvent Absorption Concentrators

  • No need for additional equipment
  • Wide sample range (3 ml to 20 ml volumes)
  • Just fill, wait, and Go!
  • Perfect for labile and shear sensitive solutions

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Membrane discs for your custom application

Ultrafiltration PES, CTA, & Hydrosart® Membrane Disc Filters from Sartorius.

  • Multiple diameters & MWCO sizes available
  • PES, CTA or exclusive Hydrosart® membranes for maximum versatility
  • Wide Chemical compatibility & low protein binding

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Download Application Note

Discover how to use Vivaspin® and Vivaflow® for the purification of nanoparticles. Our new application guide gives an overview of how to optimally apply ultrafitration for the concentration of nanoparticles and biological membrane vesicles.

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