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NEW – Vivaspin®️ Turbo 15 RC with a Dedicated Regenerated Cellulose Membrane

An exciting new product development within the Sartorius Lab Ultrafiltration product range has now been released to the market. The Vivaspin® Turbo 15 RC device completes the 4-15mL volume centrifugal offering by providing a specially developed Regenerated Cellulose (RC) membrane within the state of the art Vivaspin® Turbo design. Making the Sartorius portfolio the only provider of both RC and Polyethersulfone (PES) membrane devices with the fastest concentration times. 

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NEW: Vivaspin® Turbo 15 RC with a Dedicated Regenerated Cellulose...

Product now released to the market. Completes the 4-15mL volume centrifugal offering by providing a specially developed Regenerated Cellulose...

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Unrivalled Industry Leader in Laboratory Crossflow Technology

Go with the flow! Experience the unique speed and economy of the Vivaflow system for larger volumes. Unrivalled flexibility and economy for a...

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The Best of Both Worlds! Put Your Proteins Under Pressure or Take...

Pressurization, centrifugation or both – with Vivacell ultrafiltration systems. Secure and ultrafast concentration through patented dead-stop...

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Vivapore Concentrators

Ready-to-use static concentrators for fast and affordable concentration of samples. Extremely simple and user-friendly. Stand and pipettes...

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How to Choose the Optimal Device & Method

How to choose the optimal ultrafiltration device and method for proteins, viruses, DNA, polymers, nanoparticles, exosomes, and more!

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Application Note: Lab Ultrafiltration – Tips and Tricks

Although performing sample concentration and buffer exchange using an ultrafiltration device is relatively simple, some tricks of the trade can...

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Laboratory Ultrafiltration FAQ

What’s the best way to concentrate large sample volumes in one go? How can you reduce protein degradation during concentration? What...

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How to Increase Recovery at Critical Protein Samples: Impact of...

Protein loss during sample preparation can be an obstacle to reliable product quantitation in biological, biotechnological and biopharmaceutical...

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