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As the worldwide demand for protein therapeutics has grown, so has the need for suitable production cell lines. Sartorius can help meet this need with our industry-leading cell line development services aimed at the commercial manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals. Based on our unique cell line development technology, we reliably generate high-performing, stable CHO production cell lines on accelerated timelines.

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Superior Performance: Up to 10g/L

Proprietary and superior CHO cell line development technology that ensures a robust and scalable bioprocess with high product yield (up to 10g/L for monoclonal antibodies) and quality.

Impressive Speed: RCB in 9 weeks

From DNA to Research Cell Bank (RCB) in only 9 weeks. No need for time-consuming media and process optimization or scalability studies. Regulatory ready documentation package.

Outstanding Reliability: 240+ projects

More than 240 cell line development projects. Benefit from our know-how and experience and get your cell line right the first time.

Low Financial Risk: Pay as you go

No hidden fees, no cancelation fees, no milestone payments.


Building the Next Generation of Cell-Line-Development Platforms

Learn how we have significantly reduced CLD timelines by using advanced platform technologies to deliver high-producer clones.

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Explore Sartorius' Next-Generation Cell Line Development Service

Continuously improving to better meet your needs, we have launched our new CLD Service as part of the 4Cell® CHO platform. CLD Service is powered by the new clone selection technology, CellCelector™ system, to facilitate high-throughput isolation and cloning of individual cells, allowing us to reduce the transition of DNA to RCB significantly down to 9 weeks.

Combined with an efficient expression vector and proprietary CHO host cell line, selected high-producer clones can achieve titers up to 10 g/L with the high-performing 4Cell® SmartCHO media. Additional services for process intensification and genetic engineering have also been added to our service offering.

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Track Record

4Cell® CHO Platform Cell Line Development

  • Established track record with more than 240 CLD projects​
  • Our CLD platform works with non-mAbs and “difficult to express” molecules

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Single Cell Cloning​

Replacing FACS by Sartorius CellCelector™ for Single Cell Cloning

  • Speed: removal of pool phase leads to 5 weeks time saving​
  • Efficiency: improved cell outgrowth leads to minimum loss of high producers due to cell death after single cell cloning​
  • Regulatory compliance: statistically evaluated procedure granting monoclonality proof for regulatory agencies

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Clone Selection

Optimized Clone Selection by Fluorescence-based Productivity Assay​ and Small-Scale Fed-Batch

  • Early elimination of low producers​
  • Improved detection of high producers​
  • Proven scalability from clone selection to large-scale biorecators

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Additional Services

Genetic Engineering​

  • FUT8 knock-out option for increased ADCC: service implemented and ready-to-use​
  • Customized knock-outs possible, e.g. for modified glycosylation profile​

Process Intensification​

  • High-inoculation fed-batch: Achieve higher titer (to standard fed-batch) in comparable time or comparable titer in shorter time​
  • Selection of high performing perfusion-ready clones in our Ambr15® perfusion mimic

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