Innovations to optimize processes, insights to select the right clones

Get started right with tools for stable, scalable, productive cell lines 

Sartorius provides innovative, high-throughput and automated solutions for early development of dedicated cell lines. Instruments to identify top-performing cell lines with the optimal critical quality attributes (CQAs) can not only achieve high yields of recombinant proteins, but also smooth the transition to commercial manufacturing. Eliminate process bottlenecks by investing in the most advanced technologies for cell line selection, characterization, and cell bank preparation.

Make Better Predictions Earlier

Early prediction of the best-performing clone means you can get it right, right from the start.

Streamline Vendor Management

A single, trusted partner to support all cell line development needs.

Increase Efficiency

High-throughput systems reduce cost and shorten timelines for stable, scalable, productive cell lines.

Generate Clonal Cell Lines Faster

Streamline Cell Line Development with Automated, High-Throughput Instruments

For high yields of recombinant proteins for therapeutic applications, stable, scalable and high-titer cell lines are needed.  With advanced techniques and technologies from Sartorius, you can accelerate cell line selection and development, so you screen more clones faster and make decisions sooner.

iQue® for Deeper Insights Delivered Faster

The iQue® Advanced Flow Cytometry Platform with iQue® Human IgG Titer and Viability Kit provides greater insight into production clone ranking and selection, with rapid and simultaneous evaluation of IgG titer, specific productivity, and cell health.  

  • Microfluidics acquisition capability analyses samples as small as 10 μL in a 384-well format with zero dead volume. Cell detection at rates of thousands of cells per second 
  • Multiple readouts for every event 
  • Natural conformation of cells and targets

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Octet® Label-Free Biomolecular Interaction Analysis 

Octet® BLI Label-Free Detection System eliminates issues with detailed characterization of expressed proteins, thanks to optical biosensors that measure molecular interactions in real-time without detection agents and advanced, fast, and fluidics-free direct detection of specific biomolecules.   

  • Rapidly determine product titer and binding kinetics 
  • Monitor native states label-free and in real-time 
  • Use both purified and unpurified samples 
  • Recover sample plates after non-destructive measurement

Explore Octet® BLI Label-Free Detection System

Ambr® 15 Cell Culture Generation 2: Automated Bioreactor System 

The leading microbioreactor system for cell line development and process optimization, allowing parallel operation of up to 48 single-use microbioreactors (10-15 mL), controlled by an automated workstation. 

  • Proven industry standard for high-throughput cell line development  
  • Enables rapid evaluation of multiple bioreactor cultures, increasing productivity and saving on materials and labor 
  • Provides predictive performance to larger-scale bioreactors 

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Fill-It: Automated Cryovial Processing for Cell Banking Applications

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