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Lab Purification: As Simple as Filtration

Membrane Chromatography for Protein, Antibody and Virus Purification

Macromolecule purification is critical in many life science workflows. However, resin-based ion exchange or affinity chromatography methods typically require sophisticated equipment and long set-up times, exhibit low flow rates, and suffer from limited yields. The small pore sizes and large bed volumes of conventional columns contribute to size exclusion and dilution effects, which limit the ability to purify larger macromolecules, demand further process steps to concentrate dilute eluates and increase reagent consumption. Furthermore, these purification processes are difficult to transfer to manufacturing.

Sartobind® membrane adsorbers have been developed by Sartorius to overcome these challenges. A choice of formats provides the flexibility to purify by centrifugation, pump or FPLC system – and can even eliminate the need for specialist equipment altogether. Pore sizes of 3 – 5 µm reduce diffusion time to support up to 10x faster purification of even the largest proteins and viruses, and high ligand densities provide maximum dynamic binding capacities (DBCs). Furthermore, low bed volumes and negligible dilution reduce buffer requirements by 75% and ensure low-volume, concentrated eluate fractions.

Available in Vivapure® and Sartobind® Lab devices, these membrane adsorbers provide research and development scientists with purification solutions that are as simple as filtration. What’s more, the same Sartobind® platform is utilized in Sartorius process-scale membrane chromatography products, eliminating uncertainty in the transition from research to production.


The Sartobind® Lab Range

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Vivapure AdenoPack

The Vivapure® Range

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Sartobind® Lab and Vivapure® Offer:

maximum speed
powder and flask
lower cost of goods
analytical peaks
filter cassette
Off-the-Shelf Consistency

Ready-to-use single use or reusable purification consumables provide highly reproducible results without being susceptible to dissolved air. No more column packing. Bye-bye degassing.

Your Choice for High Yields

Multiple chromatography methods with maximum dynamic binding capacities. Even the largest molecules can fully utilize the high density of ion exchange or affinity ligands.

Purification in Parallel

By purifying two, four, six or even 24 samples simultaneously with Vivapure® IEX, you can cut your already shortened process time even further. Full screen ahead.

75% Buffer Savings

Cut down on reagent consumption and waste. Low bed volumes only need a fraction of the buffers used in resin-based chromatography for equilibration, washing and elution.

AC or IEX Without the CAPEX

With the spin column format of Vivapure® IEX, your centrifuge just became your FPLC system. Or opt for the syringe filter design of Sartobind® Lab, which enables purification without the need for - but still compatible with - specialist chromatography equipment.

Ready-to-Analyze Eluates

No need to concentrate. Membrane adsorbers eliminate dilution effects to yield target-containing fractions which require no further processing before analysis.

Process-Ready Technology

The membrane adsorbers in Sartobind® Lab aren’t just for the lab. Scalable formats already established in the bioprocessing industry enable a convenient transition from research to further development and manufacturing.

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Lab-Scale Membrane Chromatography Products

Sartobind® Lab IEX

Flexible, easy and ready-to-use IEX with any of the most popular functional groups.

  • High DBC Q, D or S ligands
  • Connect in series to increase capacity
  • Reusable over 1,000 cycles

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Sartobind® Lab IDA

Ready to charge with the metal ion of your choice, for the optimal his-tagged protein purification.

  • Charge with Ni2+, Co2+, Cu2+, Zn2+
  • 7.5 mg binding capacity
  • Use with syringes, pumps or FPLC systems

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Sartobind® Lab Protein A

Rapid affinity purification for IgGs and mAbs, with a process-ready protein A membrane.

  • 10x faster flow rates, up to 5 MV/min
  • Operate by syringe, pump or FPLC system
  • 90 mg/hr DBC (6 cycles)

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Vivapure® IEX

Rapid, economical IEX for parallel screening and small-scale macromolecule purification.

  • High-capacity Q, D or S ligands
  • Two spin filter formats
  • 0.4 – 19 mL samples

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Vivapure® Virus Kits

Complete kits with everything you need to purify and concentrate viral vectors.

  • Adenovirus type 5
  • VSV-G pseudotyped lentivirus
  • Direct purification from cell culture

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Clarify low volume samples in seconds prior to purification on Vivapure® IEX.

  • High flux 0.8 µm PES
  • Ultra-low hold up volume
  • 0.5 mL samples

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Selected Membrane Chromatography Resources

Sartobind® Lab IEX 15, 75 and 100 datasheet cover

Sartobind® Lab IEX: Lab Scale Ion Exchange Membrane Adsorbers

Learn more about Sartobind® Lab products for ion exchange purification by syringe, pump or FPLC system.

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Vivapure® IEX: Rapid, Scalable Ion Exchange Purification datasheet cover

Vivapure® IEX: Rapid, Scalable Ion Exchange Purification

Discover the complete range of spin columns for rapid, parallel purification of low sample volumes.

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Vivapure® Adenopack and Lentiselect: Rapid Viral Vector Purification

Read more about the complete kits offered for fast and safe purification of adenovirus and lentivirus.

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Related Process-Scale Membrane Chromatography Solutions

Vivapure 96 well plates

Sartobind® 96-Well Plates

Plates consisting of individual 8-well strips and are ideal tools for screening of purification conditions.

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Sartobind® Nano and Pico

Ion exchange and salt tolerant membranes in 4 or 8 mm bed heights for screening and binding capacity determination.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Vivapure® is available with quarternary ammonium (Q) and diethylamine (D) anion exchangers or sulfonic acid (S) cation exchanger. Sartobind® Lab offers the same ion exchange membrane adsorbers, while also adding iminodiacetic acid (IDA) for metal affinity purification of his-tagged proteins, and protein A for mAb and IgG targets.

IDA adsorbers are ideal for achieving high purity of any his-tagged proteins, whereas protein A is specifically intended for the purification of antibodies. For broad applicability to many target molecules, ion exchange adsorbers are ideal. These can be used for protein, virus or nucleic acid purification and are also recommended for host cell protein (HCP) and DNA removal, and clearance of viruses and endotoxins.

The MV of each device type is listed below:

  • Vivapure® Mini and Maxi IEX: 0.24 and 2.7 mL
  • Sartobind® Lab IEX or IDA 15, 75 and 100: 0.41, 2.1 and 2.8 mL
  • Sartobind® Lab Protein A: 2 mL

Both Vivapure® and Sartobind® Lab membrane adsorbers are stable in most common chromatography buffers. We recommend avoiding the use of oxidizing agents. Short term pH compatibility is also broad, within the range of 2/3 – 14, 1 – 12, or 2 – 10 for IEX, IDA or protein A Sartobind® Lab devices, for example. For further information, please refer to the instructions for use.

Unlike with conventional resin-based chromatography, there is no possibility of air bubbles disrupting the membrane layers. Therefore, there is no need to degas buffers prior to purification.

For optimal target molecule capture, we recommend equilibration with a buffer which is similar in composition to the sample to be purified. This process can be achieved rapidly and with a low volume of buffer.

Yes, you can! While Vivapure® IEX are single use devices, Sartobind® Lab products can be reused many times. Simply follow the regeneration and storage instructions after completing each purification. For further information, please ask your Sartorius contact for a copy of our Application Note: Sartobind® Lab Q Membrane Adsorbers Provide Constant Binding Capacities Over 1,000 Cycles.

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