iQue® Advanced Flow Cytometry for Cell Line Development

Rapid Clone Evaluation and Better Clone Selection

The iQue® Advanced Flow Cytometry Platform with iQue® Human IgG Titer and Viability Kit is a high-throughput suspension cell and bead-based analysis platform for clone screening. It provides greater insight into production clone ranking and selection with rapid and simultaneous evaluation of IgG titer, specific productivity and cell health. 

The iQue® Platform for Cell Line Development features:

  • Microfluidics acquisition capability analyzes samples as small as 10 μL in a 384-well format with zero dead volume
  • Screen your clones in days, not months with cell detection rates of thousands of cells per second
  • Multiple readouts for every event
  • Screens cells in suspension and targets in their natural conformation

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iQue® Advanced Flow Cytometry Reagents

iQue® cell and bead-based kits allow for simultaneous screening for IgG titer and cell health attributes.

iQue® Cell Count & Viability Kits

Combine IgG quantification, cell count and viability measurement in a single well without sample dilution. Quickly and efficiently learn critical qual...

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iQue® Cell Membrane Integrity Dyes

Determine the health of suspension and adherent cells in a flexible assay format.

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iQue® Cell Proliferation Dyes

Optimized for multiplexing with minimal cytotoxicity and maximum stability for long-term studies of up to six generations.

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iQue® Platform for Cell Line Development Allows You To:

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Improve Cell Line Development Workflow

Enjoy a simple, scalable, multi-user environment with walkaway automation, comprehensive analysis and visualization tools and other features not found in traditional solutions. 

Accelerate Clone Selection

Relieve clone selection bottlenecks with rapid and simultaneous evaluation of IgG titer, specific productivity and cell health.

Gain Greater Insight for Clone Ranking

Significantly speed up decision making with novel visualizations that facilitate the fastest path to actionable results, even from complex data sets.

iQue® 3 Advanced Flow Cytometry Platform for Efficient Cell Screening

iQue® 3 Advanced Flow Cytometry Platform for Efficient Cell Screening


Cell Line Development

A Perfect Fit, From Start to Finish Cell line development with intelligent tools, services and solutions for your unique needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The iQue Human IgG Titer and Viability kit - together with the iQue® platform - can be used to calculate titer. One of the key benefits of this kit is that it provides such metrics as IgG quantitation per viable cell. iQue® Forecyt software is capable of automatically ranking this data to allow users to make informed decisions on clone selection. The detection range of 0.6 ug/mL to 20000 ug/mL makes it suitable for early-stage cell line development, including clone selection. There is also a mouse version of this kit available.

During ambr®15 runs, daily cell sampling is necessary to track cell count and viability. The iQue® Cell Count and Viability kit is perfectly designed for reproducible analysis of cell count and viability to screen and profile cells. The small necessary sample size (10 uL) allows for preservation of precious sample. This, coupled with the streamlined workflow, allows for rapid determination of the health of each culture.


iQue® 3 Brochure

Advanced, high-throughput flow cytometry platform to speed up your drug discovery workflow.

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Analyzing CQAs for Efficient and Rapid Cell Line Development

Learn how Sartorius’ bioanalytical technologies fulfill critical needs along the entire span of the CLD workflow, including measuring CQAs.

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Analytical Power Tools Open Upstream Bioprocessing Bottlenecks

Learn how to quickly leverage multiparameter, high-content data from a single-path workflow to overcome the clone selection bottleneck.

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High-Throughput Cell Count & Viability Application Note

Achieve reproducible, quantitative analysis of cell count and viability while reducing sample prep time.

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