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Sartorius’ Cell Line Development webinar collection showcases strategic approaches, best practices, critical considerations, and expert insights on-demand.

What You Will Learn

  • The modern cell line development (CLD) workflow
  • Common challenges and solutions for CLD as part of a risk-management strategy and improve productivity
  • Insights into the CLD process from Sartorius and industry experts
  • About the Sartorius’ portfolio of CLD products and services and the efficiencies realized from a single-vendor approach
  • A review of the latest technologies to accelerate and streamline CLD

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Leveraging Integrated & Advanced Technologies for Successful CLD

Learn advanced strategies & innovative solutions to enable data-driven decisions & reduce risk during later stages of development.

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Cell Line Development Workflow 


Effective Cell Line Development

This webinar highlights the key challenges and points to consider during CLD and the impact early decision-making can have at later stages of the development process.

  • Understand a modern cell line development workflow and get insights into the critical steps
  • Review the various approaches to CLD and their advantages and disadvantages

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Innovative Cell Line Development Instruments 


Engineering Cell Lines for Rare Disease Research

Cell culture technology plays a critical role in modelling the pathology of rare diseases and developing precision treatments. In this panel discussion, you will hear from experts in the field of cell line development about the latest research of cell models in rare diseases.

  • Learn about developing advanced cell models to understand and treat rare diseases
  • Translate data from complex cell systems to disease-informing insights

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Streamline CLD with Integrated, High-throughput Tools

Successful cell line development means balancing time and resources with the need for high-quality data. Understand the early CLD workflow and learn how integrating high-throughput screening platforms supports efficient, scalable clone selection while enabling data-driven decisions.

  • See how Sartorius instruments enable reliable, scalable clone selection under bioreactor conditions
  • Identify how integrated high-throughput solutions reduce risk through data-driven clone selection

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Accelerate CLD by Combining Cell Culture with Titer Measurements

Analytical techniques that can be combined within CLD workflows can greatly accelerate studies. Experts from Sartorius demonstrate the power of using the Ambr® 15 Cell Culture system with an Octet® instrument to identify favorable yield conditions.

  • Learn about analytical tools and techniques to accelerate CLD workflows
  • Review benefits of using the Ambr® 15 system with the Octet® instrument

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From Gene Cloning to Commercialization: Tools for Streamlining CLD

This webinar provides an overview of the CLD workflow and tips for choosing the right tools and techniques to optimize your in-house processes with earlier and faster clone selection, deeper analysis, and automation.

  • Understand the challenges at each stage of the in-house CLD process
  • Learn about the key features of the iQue®, Octet®, & Ambr® 15 systems

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Leveraging Innovative Strategies for Speedy CLD

Learn how the use of innovative technologies such as automated systems and high-throughput analytical screening tools can eliminate bottlenecks in clone selection, fast-track development and reduce costs.

  • Understand the importance of identifying high-performing cell lines early in the development process
  • Learn how to accelerate your path to commercialization while minimizing risks

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Trusted Cell Line Development Services


The Cellca Story Evolution of a Cell Line Development Technology

  • Our CHO CLD platform was continuously improved over many years resulting in one of the leading technologies on the market
  • Also, today dedicated teams of experts are working non-stop to further optimize the technology

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Webinar: Expand Your Capabilities with an Enhanced CLD Service Partner

  • Learn key approaches and considerations to a successful project
  • Learn about Sartorius’ comprehensive CLD capabilities
  • Understand the key components that make a CLD project successful

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Power of the Right Cell Line Development Partnership

The right CLD partner can make or break a project — learn how SpikImm and Sartorius collaborated to accelerate development of a COVID-19 therapy.

  • Understand how media plays a pivotal role in cell line development
  • Benefits to partnering with a CLD service provider

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Optimized Expression Systems for Increased Productivity in CLD

Explore how the new expression vector, optimized media, and process conditions of Sartorius’ Cell Line Development service can improve your yield and quality.

  • Learn about Sartorius’ protein expression system
  • Discover the benefits of using a stable and robust cell line development platform

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How a Single Provider Can Reduce Protein Biologic Development Risk

In this webinar, Sonnet BioTherapeutics and Sartorius discuss the value of partnership in drug development and how the Sartorius CHO Platform Services Package helps Sonnet accelerate drug development and reduce risk.

  • Understand the drug development process, from CLD to MCB, and how Sartorius can help
  • Learn how the Sartorius CHO Platform Services Package accelerates drug development from DNA to MCB

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Expand Your CLD Capabilities With Technology and Expertise

Gain an understanding of the full suite of Sartorius’ CLD services, including bioanalytical testing, master cell banking and biosafety testing, as well as insights into our Sartorius Cell Line Development Technology.

  • Explore the benefits of outsourcing cell line development to an external partner such as Sartorius
  • Identify what to consider when evaluating external providers of CLD products and services

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Novel Single-Cell Cloning Technology in Cell Line Development

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