High Throughput Automated Micro Bioreactor for Predictive Cell Line and Media Screening

ambr® 15 cell culture is a high throughput, automated bioreactor system for 24 or 48 parallel cultivations in a cost-effective 10 –15 mL micro bioreactor format.

It has a wide range of applications in:

  • Cell line selection
  • Media and feed screening
  • Media development
  • Early process optimization
  • Small-scale perfusion mimic
  • QbD and DoE studies

The ambr® 15 cell culture system enables the rapid evaluation of multiple bioreactor cultures at microscale, increasing productivity in cell line development with significant savings on materials and labour.

ambr® 15 has been proven by industry leaders to provide better scalability than a shake flask and has transformed cell line development in many leading biopharma companies worldwide.

The ambr® cell culture Workstation Features

  • Parallel processing and evaluation of multiple experiments
  • Closed loop control of pH and DO
  • Independent gassing for each bioreactor of O2, CO2 and N2
  • Culture station control of impeller speed and bioreactor temperature
  • Automated addition of feeds and other reagents
  • Fully integrated Nova BioProfile Flex2 for automated sampling and Feedback control

ambr® 15 Transforms Cell Line Development

  • Improves early clone selection decisions
  • Is the established industry standard
  • Helps create better cell lines faster
  • Simplifies adoption of Quality by Design (QbD) principles
  • Increases lab productivity
  • Reduces the cost per experiment

ambr® 15 cell culture Tour

ambr® 15 cell culture Vessel Tour

Micro bioreactor vessel

The core disposable micro bioreactor technology includes sensors, stirring impeller, gas sparging and sample port.

The image shows the standard vessel, however several variations are available.

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ambr® 15 cell culture + ambr® analysis module

The ambr® analysis module enables automated pH measurement, both for initial bioreactor
vessel pH sensor calibration and subsequent in-process re-calibration - improving pH control
and culture performance. Learn more about analysis module

ambr® 15 is compatible with many other analyzers. Contact us for further information.


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